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CFRR at The Fittest Games!

This Saturday and Sunday, January 31st and February 1st, The 2015 Fittest Games, presented by CrossFit Central, will take place at the Travis County Expo Center.  This highly anticipated competition is one of the biggest in Central Texas.  Pro, Amateur and Masters Athletes from all ar
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Sheldon’s Corner: How much Protein does an Athlete Need?

Athletes need plenty of protein to optimize athletic performance; their body uses protein to help repair, build or maintain muscle mass in response to training. Protein requirements for athletes are based on body weight. Consuming high-protein foods at each meal will help an athlete m
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CFRR’s Free For All and Skillz Sesh – what’s the difference?

    CFRR wants everyone to be able to enjoy the membership perk of one FREE class per month, so beginning this Saturday, we’ve added the “Skillz Sesh and WOD” class after each Free For All.  Maybe you’re wondering “What’s the difference?&#
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Sheldon’s Corner: 10 Facts About Carbohydrates

I have always gone back and forth about how much carbohydrates I should consume in a day, and when I should consume them. Should it be 100g, 50g, right before a WOD, the night before?  The truth is, I really don’t know, and for each person, it could be different. I recently read
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Upcoming Competitions

Couples Therapy 2015

Sell Tickets through Eventbrite Event Registration Online for Couples Therapy CrossFit Competition 2
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  • "Not only did the number on the scale go down, but the body fat percentage went down, the inches went down more, the blood pressure and cholesterol numbers went down, and I learned that the one number on that stupid scale is not what my entire focus should be if I want to live a healthy life."
    Suzi Anderson
  • "This Monday will mark one year since I took the plunge and signed up for a workout regime called "crossfit" at CFRR. My goal was to get in shape and eventually get back into a fitness regime of my own. Instead my life took a 180 - I gained an entirely new group of friends I enjoy seeing nearly everyday and am probably in the best shape of my life."
    Chris Toombs
  • "CFRR has come to mean a lot to our family in a short period of time.  It has drastically improved our physical health and mental strength (not to mention our social lives!).  We've also learned so much about the nutrition necessary to fuel our bodies.  CFRR is so much more than a box made up of brick and mortar;  The people of CFRR are what make it something special."
    The Bona's , CFRR Athlete
  • "Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways! I am now physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger. I had been looking for that support group that would encourage me to do better and I found it at CFRR.  I am in the ladies only class with Coach Aggie.  She has helped me during my journey by encouraging me to push myself each time.  She makes sure you get the best work out for your body.  I started this journey with my best friend because she wanted to do it, but now I do it for me.  Thank you CFRR!!!"
    Candi Cantu
  • "I started out at, roughly, 315lbs and 40+% body fat.  After the last "Operation Caveman" nutrition challenge, I am down to 272 and 26% body fat.  Every day I feel like I am getting closer to my goals thanks to the CFRR team!!  I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to challenge themselves with lots of friends cheering you on."
    Bob Eskridge
  • “At the peak of tremendous and victorious effort, while the blood is pounding in your head, all suddenly becomes quiet within you. Everything seems clearer and whiter than ever before, as if great spotlights had been turned on. At that moment, you have the conviction that you contain all the power in the world, that you are capable of everything, that you have wings. There is no more precious moment in life than this, the white moment, and you will work very hard for years just to taste it again.”
    Yuri Vlasov, Soviet Weightlifter
  • "Ever since I began Crossfit Round Rock about 7 months ago I am able achieve things things I never thought possible. Crossfit is a lifestyle- its becoming my lifestyle. Thank you Landon and Adrien for inspiring me every day. "
    Paul B
  • "CrossFit Round Rock has changed my life in so many ways. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm lifting weight I never thought possible (even flipping tires and climbing ropes!), believing in myself like never before and loving life through new eyes. Coaches Adrien and Landon inspire me to take on new challenges (Tough Mudder and Fittest Games) and are two of the most dedicated, wonderful people I've ever met. GET SOME!!"
  • "CrossFit Round Rock is like my extended family! Everyone, from the coaches to the other members have been so encouraging and have helped me to achieve my goals"
    Reid Schwartz
  • CrossFit Round Rock has taught me a new way of living. With the combination of full body workouts and eating the right foods so I can gain the best results...so far I have lost 5.8% body fat and I feel amazing!"  - Amazing Expierence  
    Deedra A


  • Small Group Training

    CrossFit Round Rock is a strong community of focused individuals. Our classes are designed to provide support and encouragement to reach your goals.
  • Personal Training

    CrossFit Round Rock has clients of all levels of fitness. We want to meet you where you are. Personal training is designed to give you one on one attention to meet your specific goals.
  • Elements

    Each of our programs has an elements course designed to orient you with the basics in order to help hit the ground running once you get into class.
  • Legit Strength

    Legit strength is a program based solely on creating a Stronger CrossFit Athlete. Coach Mark Manning will take a broad approach to strength by using the typical barbell movements, CrossFit Football methodology but also include Strongman, and other unconventional ways to build a more balanced athlete. Legit WOD’s will be separate from the regular CFRR WOD programming each month. Benchmarks will be different in that, they will test out multiple pillars of strength through the Legit Strength level system.This will be a Co-ed class for those looking to take CrossFit and Strength the the next level. To enroll in this program you must be completing RX weight WODs and have been taking CrossFit for at least 3 months.