Aug 29

Athlete of the Month – Daniel McDonnell

Our September Athlete of the Month is the one…THE ONLY…Daniel McDonnell. Daniel has been a member of CFRR for a little over a year now. Daniel made CFRR his home away from home by originally signing up with his wife and then signing up his 2 kids in our CrossFit Kids Summer Program.

   Daniel regularly attends…whatever class he can fit into his schedule that day. His busy and ever-changing work schedule with the Fire Department, as an EMT, makes it hard for him to consistently attend only one certain class time. That doesn’t mean he isn’t consistently in the gym every week working on getting better. He signed up for our nutrition challenge in April, Operation Caveman, and has continued to dial in his nutrition even after the challenge ended. Prior to the challenge in April he was at 25.1% BF. As of last month has was down to a 21.9% BF.

Daniel is a huge part of our community. He comes to every social event and is always welcoming to any new members. He went through our one-on-one Fundamentals process and still Personal Trains with Landon once a month. When Daniel first came in he had never done CrossFit before. During his 15 Fundamentals sessions, he learned proper squatting mechanics along with all the CrossFit foundational movements like cleans, pull-ups, etc. On his 14th Fundamentals session, he logged a 195 Back Squat PR. Last week he logged a Back Squat PR of 355#!

  We are so proud of you Daniel. Thank you for getting involved with our community and always making everyone’s day a little brighter. We look forward to seeing what you put together for your Athlete of the Month Workout.