Jan 2

Athlete of the Month – David Martin

One year ago David walked through CFRR doors with goals in-hand and ready to crush them all. David’s determination and willingness to be his very best shows in his constant efforts to progress inside and outside of the gym every-single-day! In addition to his 5+ days a week class schedule, he is diligent in logging his food daily, works 1:1 twice a month with Coach Kali and Coach Landon, as well as Mobility class with Coach Matt.

He hasn’t just dedicated time and effort to his fitness, but his overall health as well. Nutrition, recovery, and overall wellness is a big part of the “fitness” equation. With a commitment to improving his health, David took on the 800 Gram Challenge and won! For recovery, he’s always first in line for massages from Mary, our on-site massage therapist, and makes every mobility class to improve on his flexibility and range of motion. He puts the “unity” into the “community”.

David is honest, humble, open to coaching, supports his fellow athletes, is a pleasure to work with, and full of GRIT. For all the above reasons and more is what makes David well deserving of our Athlete of the Month title