Apr 2

Athlete of the Month – DeDe Bratcher

This months Athlete of the Month is the one and only Dede. If you haven’t met this amazing human …. you are really missing out. Dede has been attending CFRR for just under 2 years and has lost a total of 66 pounds, can deadlift, jump rope and box jump like a pro! All big goals of hers when she started!

You won’t find Dede missing her workouts. She is 100% committed and crazy consistent. Whether it’s a 5 am class or 7 pm class she gets it in. No excuses. She is always ready to learn and is as Coachable as they come. Such a pleasure to Coach she is!

DeDe always has a smile on her face that you can’t help but be drawn to. Her energy is contagious and she is your biggest fan, no matter who you are! She truly embodies what we believe in at CFRR and we couldn’t feel more grateful that she is a part our family at CFRR.

DeDe here’s to you, and all that you are! A true inspiration to us and so many!! We are all so proud of you!