Jul 7

Athlete of the Month – Kellie Flanders

We call her KFlan. If you know her as Kellie Flanders that’s great but you should really get to know Kflan. As a member of the CFRR Nike MetCon Mafia, KFlan is an irreplaceable human and we are all so lucky to know her!

In all seriousness, Kellie is a huge part of the evening groups at CFRR. She has put in countless hours and work during her time at CFRR and her results are showing through. She’s already PR’d 58 times this year (last year’s total was 59 PR’s) and her gymnastics game has made leaps and bounds as well. She attacks weaknesses and perfects her strengths thus growing into a very good CrossFit athlete.
She has dialed in her nutrition and with regularly scheduled body comps, she has seen the positive results on this side of her fitness as well. She works hard and most importantly has fun doing it. The perfect amount of balance between seriousness in the gym and not taking it too seriously.
Congrats Kellie on all of your success so far and thanks for embodying the CFRR lifestyle so well!
KFlan can be seen attending the 4:30pm CrossFit, Oly and Strength classes as well as the 6pm CrossFit class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.