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“For every bad rep, it takes 5 reps of doing it correctly to fix that one bad rep.”

– Coach Adrien

‘What does that have to do with low back pain?’ you might ask. Everything.

Low back pain seems to be a recurring topic at CrossFit Round Rock and Coach Adrien wanted to take some time to talk about it this week. But she’s not going to give you tips on how to release that pain. Instead, she’s going to explore why you are having pain in the first place.

What you need to look at is your squat form.

We all know the squat is THE foundational element of CrossFit. However, if you are not doing it properly, then your body, including your lower back, will be affected. And as Coach Adrien says above, it takes a lot of work to fix it.

Check out Coach Adrien’s House of Pain video to get some real talk on how the lack of hip hinging can create compensation patterns in your body, leading to pain. She then breaks down the fundamentals of setting up properly for the squat.

There will be more videos in the coming weeks focusing on the squat including further perfecting your hip hinge, braced spine, and hollow core, among other components.

Take the time to watch and practice. Your low back will thank you.

“Powerful hip extension alone is necessary and nearly sufficient for elite athletic performance. That is, our experience has been that no one without the capacity for powerful hip extension enjoys great athletic prowess, and nearly everyone we’ve met with that capacity was a great athlete.”  — Coach Glassman

The posterior chain is probably the most crucial muscle groups in the body. It consists of:
  • Erector Spinae (for back and spinal extension)
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calf
  • External Obliques

We don’t have to list the countless movements which rely and work these muscles. A healthy posterior chain will not only help you with those movements, but also help you get a more powerful hip extension. And as Coach Glassman says above, a powerful hip extension is a good thing.For this week’s AHOP, Coach Adrien gives you a great prehab drill for stretching and activating the posterior chain – Single Leg Band Lowers. Make sure you keep your pelvis, hip, and neck in a neutral position. We don’t want to curve the spine away from the floor.

As before, the single leg band lowers will be part of your warm-up this week so grab that band and get to work!

Coach Adrien continues her prehab series with a Dead Bug with Overhead Band Extension. The band is an added kicker which will help you get that deep core activation and keep your spine flat on the ground.

Just like the RKC plank from last week, make sure to stay tight throughout the movement. Also, be sure to lower your legs only as far as they will go so you don’t lose core stability. They will extend further down with practice, we promise!

Now let’s see some roach legs!

We’ve all done the traditional plank and are very familiar with it. It’s great for stabilizing the spine and engaging the core. Coach Adrien is about to show you a whole different beast.

Adrien’s House of Pain is starting a new series on Prehab with the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Plank. Although it will not include an actual kettlebell, the RKC Plank does incorporate one of the major tenants of kettlebell training which is the concept of whole body tension. This means you will engage everything; from your shoulders, to your abs, glutes, low back, and quads.

While the traditional plank is usually held for a long period of time, the RKC plank is meant to be held for shorter intervals. This allows you to quickly activate your body then relax for improved endurance and strength. Kinda like our CrossFit workouts!

If there is one stretch we do pretty regularly here at CFRR, it’s the pigeon. A fantastic hip opener, the pigeon can also relieve back stiffness and improve posture. However, because we do it so often, it’s easy to just get into the pose without understanding how we should actually position the body. The result is improper form.

In the latest installment of Adrien’s House of Pain ankle and hip mobility series, Coach Adrien breaks down the pigeon for maximum benefit. Check it out!

Often times, we tend to focus on the areas giving us the most pain and discomfort and try to fix only those areas. But there are places which are directly connected to the trouble spots, and if you work them too, you will get relief. A perfect example is your feet. Tight feet can affect your ankles, calves and even your hips.

Check out Part 3 of Adrien’s House of Pain Ankle and Hip mobility series where Coach Adrien demonstrates a simple drill for loosening up the muscles of your feet. She will focus on how you can loosen up the three portions of your foot – center, side, and arch.

Remember, this is a sensitive area, so don’t put too much pressure! You don’t want to overdo it.

Grab a lacrosse ball and watch the video!

Ankle/Hip Mobility Series Part 2: Get Gumby Hips!

In Part 2 of Adrien’s House of Pain Ankle & Hip Mobility Series, Coach Adrien shows you how to do a banded single leg squat. This is a great drill for opening up those hips. It’s also going to work your quad, glute, and abdominal muscles for better stability.

So grab a band, tighten those glutes, and work on getting those Gumby hips!

New Series! Ankle & Hip Mobility

Adrien’s House of Pain kicks off a new video series on ankle and hip mobility with a helpful ankle stretch. The ankle may very well be one of the most overlooked parts of the body, yet it is the foundation for some key movements like squatting, running, double-unders, and others.

Most of you will know this stretch as we have done it at the gym before. It can be painful, but just breathe and relax your mind. It will be OK! You will be surprised how those opened ankles will improve other areas like your knees and shoulders.

The programming for the week will include these mobility movements as the videos come out. So get ready!

Coach Adrien is back from vacation and ready to share the final installment of her scapular mobility series!

She has spent the last three weeks showing you how to release your shoulders into a neutral position, use a band to give you wings, and get that first rib mobilized. This week, we’re going to work on getting the scapular area activated and stabilized with planks and scapular push-ups. That’s right, scapular push-ups! The beauty of this drill is you don’t need any equipment. Just a tight core and some good ‘ole concentration.

Coach Adrien will be back next week with a new series, however, if you have any requests, please feel free to shoot her an email – [email protected]

And if you missed any of her other videos, be sure to get caught up. You never know if Coach Adrien might quiz you the next time you see her!