Help us Congratulate Meagan on being nominated to be the February 2019 Athlete of the Month. Meagan has been a consistent athlete that attends morning classes since becoming a CFRR member in July 2017. Since joining group classes Meagan has expanded her knowledge and abilities as a CrossFitter. She has also contributed to this wonderful community with her generosity towards others, spirited personality, and fun-loving attitude. Below are some answers to a questionnaire we asked Meagan to fill out so that you can get to know her a little better as well as what drives her.

1. My biggest motivation each day are the patients I work with. They each have their own differences or disorders that they have to battle each day but come to my clinic to do speech therapy with a smile and are eager and willing to work. I live for these kids!
2. My favorite quote is: In a world where you can be anything…Be kind. Words I live by- Never, never, never give up.
3. My current goal is always my damn double unders. Also….i decided today that I want to learn how to handstand walk by the end of 2019.
4. My first day at CrossFit was in a gym in Plano, Teas 6 years ago and boy was I nervous. I come from an athletic background growing up doing sports through college but I didn’t think I had it in me to be a “Crossfitter.’ And I’ve kept going back ever since. I still have days I get intimidated by the workouts but I think this is a good thing. Humility, especially when it comes to weight lifting and movements you are not as comfortable with, make those PR’s and best times even that much sweeter.
5. My advice for a new athlete trying CrossFit for the first time is to stay open-minded and you cannot even imagine what your body is actually capable of doing. Also, stretch……lots and lots of stretching.
6. A moment I felt most proud during a workout was lifting a new clean weight at the Open last year. I had gotten pretty comfortable at 135# but wanted to push myself. I didn’t let that voice inside my head get too loud and just went for it. I got a new PR on clean and couldn’t be more proud. I couldn’t wipe that smile off my face if I tried.
7. Outside of CrossFit, I love to be active and travel. I just got back from Peru where I hiked the Inca trail and have a trip to Alaska planned this upcoming summer. I also love to take my dog Gypsy for a run most weekends and hang with family now that I am back in the Round Rock area after 13 years away. I enjoy live music at small venues around town as well as eating and drinking my way through new Austin restaurants.
8. My favorite part of CFRR are the coaches and box-mates. This being my 4th box, I have really felt that I have found my home with the athletes I work out next to and the coaches who push you. Kali is one of my all-time favorite people and I love getting to work out under her energy and direction each morning.
9. Haven’t ever thought of what a Mighty Might Meg WOD would look like but it would have to involve: running (duh), burpees, and definitely some toes to bar. I know, I am crazy. Maybe even some thrusters 🙂
10. My diet has changed more due to digestive issues but also feeling stronger and more prepared for workouts has altered my diet since starting CrossFit. My mom is from Italy so carbs were and are the main staple of our house. I have learned what good and bad carbs are and have mostly stuck to a paleo style diet for the last few years. Cutting out dairy makes my stomach and life so much more enjoyable and have to branch out and try new alternatives has definitely been frustrating (I miss ice cream so much!!). I feel better though when I eat more protein and veggies and my energy during and post workouts reflect that.

One year ago David walked through CFRR doors with goals in-hand and ready to crush them all. David’s determination and willingness to be his very best shows in his constant efforts to progress inside and outside of the gym every-single-day! In addition to his 5+ days a week class schedule, he is diligent in logging his food daily, works 1:1 twice a month with Coach Kali and Coach Landon, as well as Mobility class with Coach Matt.

He hasn’t just dedicated time and effort to his fitness, but his overall health as well. Nutrition, recovery, and overall wellness is a big part of the “fitness” equation. With a commitment to improving his health, David took on the 800 Gram Challenge and won! For recovery, he’s always first in line for massages from Mary, our on-site massage therapist, and makes every mobility class to improve on his flexibility and range of motion. He puts the “unity” into the “community”.

David is honest, humble, open to coaching, supports his fellow athletes, is a pleasure to work with, and full of GRIT. For all the above reasons and more is what makes David well deserving of our Athlete of the Month title

Our October athlete of the month is….CLAUDIA GONZALEZ. When Claudia Gonzalez first walked through the doors of CrossFit Round Rock in 2013, she was ready for some changes.  Heck! She was 11 weeks pregnant after all! With that 4th member to their family on the way, everything was about to change – so why not start CrossFit!?!

Claudia had never in her life spent time in a gym prior to this moment in 2013.  She dove into personal training sessions with Coach Anna and stayed consistent all the way up to labor starting.  Yes, really. That baby was getting ready to make his grand entrance, and mama Claudia was still considering getting a workout in that day!  This woman showed her coach impressive commitment and love for the new found sport in her life from the very very beginning.

Once Claudia was up and running with baby #2, she was strolling back into the gym with that little guy by her side to get her body moving once again!  It was empowering to feel strong during her pregnancy, and she’s been hungry for more ever since!

Fast forward to current day, Little Robby is 4 years old, and Claudia is as strong as ever.  She recently completed her first CFRR 1 mile loop for time and has ever-evolving goals and a tenacious work ethic that moves her forward every day.  Claudia is a steady workhorse and a force to be reckoned with beyond what she may even imagine! You can find her smile and fabulous sense of humor in the CFRR F.I.T. class on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as well as a weekly PT session with Coach Adrien. She is a professor of insanely crazy sciencey things at Austin Community College, wife of Roberto, and mother of two.  This girl has carved out a special place in her coaches hearts, and we are overdue in honoring Claudia for the true badass of a human that she is! We Love you CG!


Jenn Adams has been a member at CFRR since 2015.

During that time she has been as consistent as any athlete we have had. She has also achieved a ton of fitness success to include: handstand push-ups, handstand walks, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and the ever elusive bar muscle up! With this list of accolades, how could you not know about Jenn Adams!!!! 

If you don’t know her it’s because she flies under the radar and is quite humble about all of her achievements. She’s not one to boast or brag or to instantly post to social media that she achieved any such fitness milestone. That’s just not her. 

As impressive as her list of accomplishments in the gym is, that’s not what’s most impressive about her. She manages this all while maintaining a full-time job, managing her son Jackson along with her husband Chris, and oh yeah, she’s currently pregnant with their second child. This is where it gets impressive…

She’s moved from being able to do all of the stuff listed above to having to do nearly a complete 180 with her workout regimen. She’s had to lower intensity, change up movements on the reg and modify pretty much every CrossFit workout she attends. That’s a very rough thing to do for someone who was pretty much doing every workout as prescribed before. No easy task at all. And she’s done it all without question. She knows this is what’s best for her and her new baby. It’s completely unselfish and a very good example of putting something or someone above yourself. 

So here’s to Jenn Adams. Thank you for your example and your leadership. You’re such an inspiration to us all!

Our September Athlete of the Month is the one…THE ONLY…Daniel McDonnell. Daniel has been a member of CFRR for a little over a year now. Daniel made CFRR his home away from home by originally signing up with his wife and then signing up his 2 kids in our CrossFit Kids Summer Program.

   Daniel regularly attends…whatever class he can fit into his schedule that day. His busy and ever-changing work schedule with the Fire Department, as an EMT, makes it hard for him to consistently attend only one certain class time. That doesn’t mean he isn’t consistently in the gym every week working on getting better. He signed up for our nutrition challenge in April, Operation Caveman, and has continued to dial in his nutrition even after the challenge ended. Prior to the challenge in April he was at 25.1% BF. As of last month has was down to a 21.9% BF.

Daniel is a huge part of our community. He comes to every social event and is always welcoming to any new members. He went through our one-on-one Fundamentals process and still Personal Trains with Landon once a month. When Daniel first came in he had never done CrossFit before. During his 15 Fundamentals sessions, he learned proper squatting mechanics along with all the CrossFit foundational movements like cleans, pull-ups, etc. On his 14th Fundamentals session, he logged a 195 Back Squat PR. Last week he logged a Back Squat PR of 355#!

  We are so proud of you Daniel. Thank you for getting involved with our community and always making everyone’s day a little brighter. We look forward to seeing what you put together for your Athlete of the Month Workout.

CFRR Coaches and Crew Members are thrilled to announce and celebrate our well-deserved August 2018 Athlete of the Month Lisa Collier!!

On May 9th, 2017 Lisa walked through our doors willing and ready to begin her CrossFit journey with the same drive and determination we all witness still to this day!! 

Lisa’s quest in her own health, wellness and self-improvement has given her strength she never knew she had and the self-worth she’s always deserved. She is committed to improving form, technique, reaching her goals and crushing every grueling WOD she faces!!

Lisa unknowingly inspires those around her and is truly a staple amongst our community.

Our Athlete of the Month is Charles King. Charles has been a member here for almost 2 years. He went through our 15 one-on-one Fundamentals process to where he could learn proper form before hopping into group classes. Charles now does Personal Training twice a month and is consistent in attending group classes 3x/week. 

   After our 12 week Wendler cycle he increased his Back Squat by 10 pounds. Charles will go out of his way to introduce himself to new members and is super easy to talk to. You can find Charles as a regular in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 am class. He has maintained his weight, lost 4.4% body fat since joining CFRR, and gained 6lbs of muscle. All without injury!

   Congratulations Charles and be on the lookout for his Athlete of the Month workout on July 30th.

This month’s Athlete of the Month is none other than Jody Pitcher! Jody has been a member at CrossFit Round Rock for almost a year now. Her great sense of humor, quick wit, and drive to become a better athlete are some of the things that make Jody such a special part of our community. You will usually find her in the 6pm class throwing down with the rest of the crew!

Jody first started her CrossFit journey in Peoria, Illinois in 2016 and became a member at CrossFit Round Rock in June of 2017.

Jody loves to help people and has been a nurse for 15 years. Seaton Williamson Hospital is lucky to have such a driven individual.  She is an incredible athlete, and even more importantly, she is an incredible friend. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you accomplish, girl! Good job.


This month’s Athlete of the Month is the one and only Doug Millasich. Doug has been a member at CFRR for 3 years now and he continues to bring joy to the community every day. He attends monthly PT sessions with Coach Landon and is an avid 8:30amer. His charismatic personality and friendly smile make any new members feel at home.

  You won’t find Doug missing any classes or Community Summer BBQ’s unless he is out surfing the Coast. Doug and his wife Cindy are amazing parents to their 3 fur babies and are always working to help foster animals in need.

  We are proud to say that Doug is an athlete at CFRR but even more thankful to say he is a friend to us all. We can’t wait to see what workout you come up with Doug. Thanks for all that you do and trusting us to help you constantly improve your health and wellness.

This months Athlete of the Month is the one and only Dede. If you haven’t met this amazing human …. you are really missing out. Dede has been attending CFRR for just under 2 years and has lost a total of 66 pounds, can deadlift, jump rope and box jump like a pro! All big goals of hers when she started!

You won’t find Dede missing her workouts. She is 100% committed and crazy consistent. Whether it’s a 5 am class or 7 pm class she gets it in. No excuses. She is always ready to learn and is as Coachable as they come. Such a pleasure to Coach she is!

DeDe always has a smile on her face that you can’t help but be drawn to. Her energy is contagious and she is your biggest fan, no matter who you are! She truly embodies what we believe in at CFRR and we couldn’t feel more grateful that she is a part our family at CFRR.

DeDe here’s to you, and all that you are! A true inspiration to us and so many!! We are all so proud of you!