Emilio Valdez is a cross between a heavily armed grizzly bear, and an overly enthusiastic mother-in-law whose knowledge about all things fitness and sport is a bit intimidating.

Emilio's service history with the Marines is both honorable and impressive. The dedication and willpower needed for his service directly translates into the skill set to be a leader in the gym.

His constant drive for success is infectious as he motivates others beyond what they even thought possible; constantly pushing until they reach their true potential.

CrossFit Round Rock's Instructor 8000

Emilio completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in September of 2014 which is merely just a notch in the belt of the amount of certifications he has. He is currently completing his degree in Kinesiology after dedicating his life to serve his country in the Marines. His long term goals include getting his PhD in Physical Therapy, and become a master at latin dance and twerking.

Emilio trained over 2,500 Foreign Military Security Forces in weapons, tactics, and techniques in both Spanish and English. We're pretty sure he can train how to perform anything correctly and without injury in the gym.

Super Friendly, but Determined

Emilio is the type of guy who can be your best friend, or your worst competitive enemy. He enjoys taking it up a notch and playing even simple games like duck duck goose as if he was a world champion in it - stopping at nothing to win. If you have fitness goals, you will reach them under the direction of Emilio. Period.

There's an Emilio in T E A M

The sport of CrossFit is no stranger to Emilio. He has played baseball, soccer, hockey, football, track, powerlifting, and now competes in CrossFit. If you need a little competitive push, just ask him. He'll carry you on his back for miles just to get you to where you need to be.

Liquid Tolerant

Emilio is a PADI Certified Open Water Diver, and an American Red Cross Lifeguard. Did we mention he's a Marine? He has your back whether you're on land or sea.