Kali Fresacher has compassion for those in every stage of fitness.

Life Coach turned Athlete turned CrossFit Coach. She is beyond motivating; she'll make you a better person inside and out.

Goals should not be to compete against other athletes, but to be comparable. Goals should be to stay consistent which means to get stronger each day.

CrossFit Round Rock’s Mother Hen

Kali is a mother of three and those motherly instincts are shown every day at CrossFit Round Rock. She is more than willing to work with you every step of your journey to ensure your success. She is extremely passionate about health and fitness and is consistently trying to educate herself more to help our coaches, our athletes and our new members.

Kali’s lifelong dream has been to help others by being an outstanding mentor and motivator towards a happier and healthier life. Her dream came true the day she became a Coach. She is highly qualified with a Degree in Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has been through all the stages of CrossFit (beginning, middle, still working on it, frustrated) and can relate easily to all of our new and existing members.

Nutrition is KEY

If your goal is to lose weight and be stronger, your actions outside of the Box need to support that. You cannot dismiss nutrition because then your goals are not as obtainable as quickly.

Loves her “Job”

If you love what you do, you are generally very good at it. When you’re given that opportunity where people want to learn, it just makes it a lot of fun and it is incredibly rewarding to be teaching/coaching/mentoring in any way.

Be Patient

Remember we ALL started somewhere. It will take time to get to where you want and that is okay.