Co-Founder • Co-Owner • Coach

Landon Adams is full of energy and his desire to teach athletes the amazing ways CrossFit can help you not just in the box, but in your daily life.

Landon has been involved in health and fitness for the last 6 years and loves helping people reach their goals and realize their potential.

He finished 9th place at the CrossFit Central Southern Sectional where he qualified for the South Central Regional. He took 29th out of the best CrossFit athletes in 5 states.

CrossFit Round Rock’s Big Brother

Landon has been in the fitness industry since 2005. In 2010, he became Level 1 Certified to be a CrossFit Coach and alongside his wife, Adrien, opened the doors to CrossFit Round Rock in May of 2010. His focus remains the same as it did on Day 1, to encourage, change and inspire healthy living in as many lives as he can.

He loves to watch athletes achieve something that seems to be elusive to them. The ability to be present for that light bulb moment is incredibly rewarding.

Most Rewarding Aspect

Watching an athlete go from any level to Cloud-9 on Day 1 or Day 100. Seeing them achieve a personal goal is the greatest feeling.


He is invested in YOU!

Leading by Example

There is no time to be lazy. He will help you find a way to keep your energy high to push hard at the end of each workout