Laura King has always said keep your squats low and your standards high!

CrossFit Round Rock's Little Sister

Beginning at a young age, Laura has always been physically active. From pick-up games of soccer, striving to improve her mile, all the way to playing tackle football with her older brother and neighborhood friends. Laura has always had a passion for athletics.

Because crossfit requires discipline and focus, Laura is grateful for her early years of music lessons. At the age of ten, Laura began the study of classical piano, competing in her first year of study. The discipline that she gained over the years provided her with the opportunity to begin teaching privately at the age of sixteen. In addition, Laura quickly excelled in high school speech and debate, qualifying to the Regional and National level within her first two years as a competitor. In her junior year of high school, Laura transitioned into the role of debate coach leading her students to the Regional level within their first year of competition.

Acquiring these skills over the years has enabled Laura to utilize them effectively as a CrossFit athlete as well. Being goal-oriented, Laura eventually hopes to qualify to the Crossfit Games, however, more importantly, her goal is to encourage, inspire, and convey the importance of being strong spiritually and mentally.