Matt Plemons - Just remember, there is no deadline, this is a lifestyle.

Meet Coach Matt

I arrived in Austin in the spring of 1982...though, it was through the miracle of birth, and not a caravan coming from California like most, I was actually born here!

Ever since I was a kid I was always interested in sports.  I started playing organized football and basketball at age 8, but by the time I got to middle school and realized everyone was much larger than me, I switched to hockey.  The years after high school I started to notice a decline in my health and fitness.  I went from playing hockey 5-7 days a week to maybe once a week.

After dealing with a back issue and asthma, I decided to make a change.  I started researching nutrition and holistic healing and slowly switched to foods that we were intended to eat - organic produce, pasture raised meats, whole foods.  My asthma went away and my overall health improved.  And while researching nutrition, I came across functional fitness, i.e. CrossFit.

I started going to community workouts in 2011 and signed up at an affiliate in 2012.  I was working at Dell at the time but it was never a "career" for me.  I knew I wanted to help others with their health and fitness.  In April 2013, I passed the CrossFit level 1 cert and began coaching.  My biggest focused with clients is helping them with their nutrition and developing good movement patterns to build their foundation.

My education in health and fitness hasn't stopped with the CFL-1.  In order to become a better coach to help others, I've taken the CrossFit Gymnastics level 1 and CF Advanced Gymnastics trainer's course, USA Weightlifting coach's course, NCFS (personal trainer's cert), and as of September 2017, Precision Nutrition level 1, certified in Exercise Nutrition.