Mar 23

REBORN Success Story – Diana Peña

My CrossFit journey did not start because of a health situation. I’ve been blessed with good physical health throughout my life so far *knock wood*. I was moderately active throughout my school years, but because I have asthma, was pretty limited in what I could participate in.

After marriage, my husband and I settled into a fairly sedentary lifestyle and our nutrition was pretty crappy. We dabbled in the globo gym thing but neither of us enjoyed it. Then kids came along and our focus completely shifted. As the babies grew and I went back to work, we still knew we needed to make a change and set a good example for them. I just really wanted something different, something to give me a good kick in the ass. I heard about CrossFit and was intrigued. I told my husband about it and we decided to give it a try.


I joined CFRR in 2011, 10 months after I turned 40. A very happy coincidence I must say. Turning 40 was never an issue for me; I was actually looking forward to it. However, I was still in a rut emotionally. A string of layoffs, bad jobs, and other life events left me in a slump. Soon I found myself losing all confidence in my abilities.

I will never forget the first time walking into CFRR feeling a bit nervous and intimidated. It quickly went away after I was greeted with Coach Adrien’s big beautiful, welcoming smile. I haven’t looked back since.

CrossFit quickly re-ignited the fire within me I knew I had but didn’t really have an outlet to truly nurture and build on. The coaches at CFRR taught me to be comfortably uncomfortable and more importantly, to accept my vulnerability; something I was never comfortable doing. Resilience became the norm.

This August will be 6 years at CFRR. I’ve done roughly 10 competitions and I’m going into my 4th year of The Open. I’m in the best shape at age 46 than I’ve ever been at any other age, doing things I never DREAMED I’d be able to do. It’s definitely been a process and has not been easy. But in the immortal words of Denzel Washington, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”

The pursuit of health and fitness transformed everything for my husband and me. This is our way of life now and it will never change. We sleep better, we are healthier, we feel better (of course, we’re sore all the time but it’s worth it), and our mental health is better. And although our children don’t do CrossFit (yet), they still see our commitment to health and fitness every day, which influences how they see things. And the fact they see a mother who is both mentally AND physically strong means the world to me.

I’m forever grateful to all the coaches at CFRR, Coach Adrien in particular, for believing in me, seeing what I was capable of before I did, and plucking me out of the fear cave. All the fellow members (shout out to the 5 am crew!) are a source of inspiration daily. And especially to my husband Marcos, I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else.