Sep 5

September Athlete of the Month – Shawna U’ren

Almost 4 years ago after giving birth to her 3rd child Shawna stepped through the doors of CFRR. Not knowing what might come of her journey or what to expect she welcomed it with open arms and hasn’t looked back since!
This hardworking mother of 3 is a busy woman who doesn’t let excuses stand in her way.
Her and her husband Bill both have full-time work schedules and have created a schedule that has made it possible for them to stay the path to long-term health and wellness. Bill comes to our first class of the day, while Shawna attends our last class of the day. Ideal? Of course not…. but they make it happen and still manage to be some of the most consistent athletes CFRR has.
In class, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Shawna doing exactly what is asked. Showing up on time, grabbing a foam roller and doing her pre-workout mobility is the norm. Even if she only has 3 mins, she makes sure to get it in. She is consistently making strides and seeing her progress is amazing. Shawna is open to Coaching and welcomes any and all new knowledge to grow with open arms. This, on top of her consistency with workouts and nutrition, is probably what makes her ability to progress so possible. Having her in class is always a treat and she brings such sunshine to the 7 pm class.
The CFRR fam has come to call her entire family our own. It’s truly inspirational watching her 3 kiddos also embrace what their parents embody so much. Thank you, Shawna, for being a part of our family, and for allowing us to be a part of yours. You are a special person and we are very thankful you walked through those doors almost 4 years ago!