Nov 29

What is CFRR F.I.T.?

What is CFRR F.I.T.? How does it differ from a normal CrossFit class? Who is Coaching this class? How do I register? We know those are all questions you have after seeing our announcement in our monthly newsletter about this new program. Here is a little insight into our new specialty class.

The CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” remains at the heart of this specialty program, but we’re taking this idea and dialing it into Female’s specific needs. That is where the idea for CFRR Female’s Intentional Training came from. The woman’s life journey is unique in many ways to our male counterpart that actually physically changes us. We’ve been taught to “suck it in” (inhibiting our diaphragm function), pregnancy, childbirth, not to mention our mental strength, are all areas that need to be addressed within the time we dedicate to our fitness. This class will appropriately support all levels of female athletes with a special focus on core to extremity movement patterning. Expect to use bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, and odd objects in your training that is tailored to your unique intentions and ANY phase of life!

Classes will start January 2nd. Coach Anna Bergeron will be coaching both classes. They will be held every Tuesday at 4:30 PM and Saturday at 11:00 AM. Classes are capped at 10 athletes.  Please feel free to contact [email protected] to get signed up for this amazing program or with any questions we can answer for you!