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Forget everything you know about working out and eating. Join the thousands of others who have trusted CrossFit Round Rock with their fitness since 2010. This won't be easy, but changing your life never is.

Group Training You'll wonder how you ever worked out before. We also offer personal training if that's more your speed.

Nutrition Coaching As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Is that helping or hurting you? Let's make a nutrition plan.

Frequently asked questions

Here's some questions we get all of the time. But don't you worry, if you have more, we can answer those too.

Do I have to be in shape to start CrossFit?
No. And, we wish that myth would go away. We have a term in CrossFit called threshold intensity. Simply put, we never sacrifice safety chasing performance. Whether you can run a marathon or barely jog to the mailbox, it's our job to improve your fitness level and prepare you for life.
Do I eat a certain way?
No. But, you'll get to where you want to be faster if you do. If you're eating a standard American diet, you are probably phsyically and mentally addicted to sugar and may not even realize it. We can help.
How long do I have to workout for?
If you want to spend 3 hours on stairmaster a day, knock yourself out. But our classes are just about an hour. We blend functional fitness, complex muscle movements, and high-intensity cardio.
What's CrossFit Round Rock like?
CrossFit Round Rock has a strong community. We pick each other up when we fall. We hold each other accountable. All love around here.

Success isn't by chance

We measure our success through yours. A mixture of accountability and purposeful habit formation is the how. What's your why?

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