The key to a long life may not be in a secret routine or genetics, but could instead be hiding in the gym. As it turns out, lifting heavy weights regularly as a young adult and as you get older can reduce your risk of a premature death. If you’re already lifting weights, it may be in your best interest to continue for as long as possible. If you’re not lifting weights, you might want to start.

In a study done by the Penn State College of Medicine, researchers tracked people who were aged 65 or older for fifteen years to analyze how their exercise habits affected their general health and lifespan. During this study, almost one-third of the participants passed away. Here is where it gets exciting. Ten percent of the participants regularly weight trained, and of those few participants, 46 percent of them were less likely to die than the other ninety percent who didn’t do any training at all.

It’s natural to assume that people who work out are just in better shape in general than the other participants at the beginning of the study, but even after adjusting for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, BMI, and other lifestyle activities like smoking and drinking, weight lifting still gave participants a reduced risk of death rate by 19 percent.

In addition to helping you live longer, weightlifting and exercise, in general, can greatly improve your quality of life as you get older. Weight lifting has been linked to increasing bone density, improve balance, increase stamina, and above all strengthen the muscles that weaken over time. With all of these factors improved, the chances of a fall or accident being forever life altering or a chance at causing disability drastically go down.

Additional benefits of weightlifting include an ease of finishing simple tasks. As we age, it may get harder to do the things we’ve loved for years or to even climb a flight of stairs. Regular resistance training allows the body to handle these tasks without causing it to become an event. Strength training will also stop your body from accumulating fat, as lean muscle burns more calories and prevents fat build up. Connective tissue and tendons will also benefit from the extra training, eventually reducing the risk of injury and allowing more flexibility. After your muscles are strengthened, the constant pain involved with aging should go away or decrease greatly with time.

Weight lifting can also reduce the risk of heart disease and other heart-related ailments. After a 45 minute workout, your blood pressure can be lowered by up to twenty percent. Strength training has also been linked to regulating your blood sugar, and ultimately lowering your chance of getting diabetes. If you already have diabetes, strength training will help you keep it in check.

One thing that people seem to ignore when it comes to weight lifting, is the effect that it can have on your psychological well-being. Watching your body become a shell of what it once was, and feeling the effects of neglect on your body as you try to do something as simple as lift a jug of water can have very negative effects on your self-esteem. Getting your body back into shape and starting to look and feel like a person who can still accomplish great things can make you feel like a new person. You might even eventually be able to fit in your old clothes that you haven’t seen since your 20s. A boosted self-esteem will allow you to try new things and continue to make hard decisions without it taking too much of a toll on you. You may even feel inspired to start a new career or meet a new partner after achieving a new body. Having a healthy level of confidence is key in elevating your mood and enjoying your life without having to turn to drugs or other methods of coping.

Most people start lifting weights at a young age, but if you’re older it is never too late to start. Weightlifting can be safe at any age if done correctly, but if you are indeed starting at an older age you may want to consult a doctor and trainer before starting. Exercise-related injuries may make your existing problems worse than they already are and your body will not heal at the same rate it did when you were younger. Do not feel discouraged, though, as just working out a few times a week will have you feeling better than you have in years and the envy of your peers. Eventually, you may be able to play a sport that you used to enjoy again. Last year, a 100-year old woman ran the 100-meter dash. If she can still be active after 100 years of life, there is no reason that you cannot do the same.

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All Made Simple – by: S.George

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“If you continue to do what you have always done, then you will continue to be who you have always been…you must change to change…”

CFRR Coaches and Tribe members are thrilled to celebrate our well-deserved December 2017 Athlete of the Month Bill U’Ren!!

First and foremost Bill is instantly your friend and biggest fan! He never hesitates to lend a helping hand, and you’re sure to hear his shout outs of encouragement to all fellow athletes while he is crushing the same grueling workout!! He is truly a staple amongst our community~and morning crew.

Bill is a proud husband to our September Athlete of the Month Shawna, and father of 3 beautiful little CrossFit Kids! He is committed to his health and fitness in the box 5 days a week at 5 am and continues to work hard at keeping up with his nutrition and body comps to reach his goals!

There is no hiding the success of his dedication and determination as he powers through met-cons, PRs, and squashes benchmarks!!

We are proud and grateful to have Bill in our community and look forward to many more years of all his awesomeness!!


Although Bill has an affinity for Fast Eddie’s, he’s 5a.m.’s “Steady Eddie.” Not only has he transformed his nutrition over the past year by being diligent about meal prep. and minding his macros, he consistently puts in 200% at the gym, every day, five days per week! (Incidentally, Bill is now aging backward like Benjamin Button.) As an athlete, his commitment to fitness and health is an inspiration to us all! (And his obsession and command of the Assault Bike is both equally confounding and amazing).

As a person, Bill can always be counted on for an encouraging word, funny joke, or helping hand. On any given day, you can find him accompanying Kali (for security) to open the gym, bringing in squat racks for everyone else, slaying bugs, chasing frogs or lizards out of the gym, and trash talking like a 5am-er ought to.

Congratulations to Bill for earning AOTM! It is well deserved and we are all so lucky to work out with such a fantastic athlete and human! ~Laurie Roth


Bill is an awesome athlete and friend.  Bill comes to class at 5am ready to work hard and pushes all of us to do our best.  He is a hard worker and is constantly striving for his best and pulls the best out of all of us.  I cannot think of a better friend and athlete to be named as this month ATOM then Bill…I mean Who else do you know that will FaceTime you at 5:30am to make sure you are awake and will make it to your 6am workout. Also a little note for you…thank you for encouraging me through what has been such a rough couple months.  Without you all at 5am I am not sure I would have made it back to the gym.  Thank you for everything you do for me and have done for me mom. Thank you is not enough. ~ Tara Travis


Thanks for being the consistency for the 5 am class and for your work ethic.  Its a motivator for me that you are always going 100% because most times it pushes me to try and keep up. You do a lot for the class from the comic relief, the rolling door opening, the weight rack moving, the all things outside in the dark moving and the consistency for the class. When youre not there something is off. ~LC


Bill is a true example of what CrossFit is all about.  He is not only a fierce competitor and athlete, but he is also an amazing person and friend.  He is thoughtful and kind, and he is always there to encourage and motivate. I am proud to call him my friend, and I can’t imagine my mornings without him. ~Alison Stone

What is CFRR F.I.T.? How does it differ from a normal CrossFit class? Who is Coaching this class? How do I register? We know those are all questions you have after seeing our announcement in our monthly newsletter about this new program. Here is a little insight into our new specialty class.

The CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” remains at the heart of this specialty program, but we’re taking this idea and dialing it into Female’s specific needs. That is where the idea for CFRR Female’s Intentional Training came from. The woman’s life journey is unique in many ways to our male counterpart that actually physically changes us. We’ve been taught to “suck it in” (inhibiting our diaphragm function), pregnancy, childbirth, not to mention our mental strength, are all areas that need to be addressed within the time we dedicate to our fitness. This class will appropriately support all levels of female athletes with a special focus on core to extremity movement patterning. Expect to use bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, and odd objects in your training that is tailored to your unique intentions and ANY phase of life!

Classes will start January 2nd. Coach Anna Bergeron will be coaching both classes. They will be held every Tuesday at 4:30 PM and Saturday at 11:00 AM. Classes are capped at 10 athletes.  Please feel free to contact [email protected] to get signed up for this amazing program or with any questions we can answer for you!

“In my view, coaching is the art of guiding, motivating and training others to be a better version of themselves. This is why I want to be a CFRR coach.” – Marcus

Marcus Garcia is living proof that it’s never too late to change your way of life and become physically active.

Marcus’ interest in fitness and nutrition began at the age of 40. After addressing mounting health issues and facing an addiction to alcohol, Marcus transformed himself into the person he wanted to be. Now at the age of 47, he has lost over 100 pounds and is mentally and physically healthy. Part of his journey to wellness included following his mindset of “just move” and joining CFRR; he’s been a member since July 2014. Since then, Marcus has steadily improved in all aspects of the sport and is in the process of getting his CrossFit Level 1 certificate. Marcus embraces the CrossFit philosophy that learning proper mechanics are essential before adding heavyweight or intensity to any movement.

“My interest in coaching Fundamentals is simple; teaching fundamentals is the foundation to all that lies ahead of an athlete and serves as a basis for lifelong functional movement.”

Marcus and his wife Kathy “Storm” Garcia live in Georgetown, TX. Marcus is a full-time Realtor with Coldwell Banker United Realtors and coaches part-time in our Fundamentals Program. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys fishing at the coast, hiking, and attending sporting events. He is also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and supports various veteran programs in our community.

I am beyond thrilled to be returning to the CFRR coaching team! While it is so great to see familiar faces lately that I have missed daily interactions with over the past year, I also see new faces now that I can’t wait to really get to know!

The year away from coaching has truly been a transformative one. I’ve had time to recharge relationships and my personal passions (yaay Birthfit!). The most notable event is certainly being born into motherhood over the summer. My daughter Liviya is truly the light of my life. Motherhood’s “new perspective” doesn’t even quite scratch the surface to describe how she has changed my world! Yet, with all of that change, my passion remains the same; to pursue the healthiest fittest version of myself, while leading others in my community to the same. What I’ve really realized is that our needs and goals have to change and evolve – the same way the rest of our life does, the way we pursue fitness and health has to match our evolution and priorities. Sometimes that means STEP IT UP, and other times that means EASE UP. For me, it’s all about balance and keeping as many “life buckets” thriving as possible.

This leads me to the birth of CFRR FIT! “Female’s Intentional Training”.

I am so stoked to be leading the CFRR all females’ FIT class! I will be coaching women in their fitness journey to their next level by respecting the differences and challenges that are so uniquely ours. There is a LOT to be said about the intentions of our actions and how that sets forth motion and results. Your workouts are no different. Is your training intentionally designed to meet your needs?

Be on notice MEN! You are going to see me coaching in your CrossFit classes too! Health and fitness for all is my jam, and I’m thrilled to be adding a few hours of coaching back into my weekly routine. Depending on Tristyn’s arrival, you could see me in December, but I’ll certainly be in the mix come Januray 2nd.

Did you know that the average American consumes about 3000 calories on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Most people will gain weight over the holiday season and typically half of that weight will remain until the following summer. While I am not an avid calorie counter this does remind me that it is important to have a plan in place so I do not sabotage the hard work I did the other 11 months of the year. Preparation both mentally and physically are key to success.

In addition to preparing a whole food nutrient dense holiday feast try these ideas to optimize digestion and see how you respond physically, mentally and emotionally. This may the beginning of some valuable new traditions.


Don’t shirk exercise, move when you can.

For some the holiday season can last up to 6 weeks. During the hustle and bustle of the season it is really easy to put fitness on the back burner. Instead of letting it all go and hopping back on board January 1st, make it a priority (this is a conscious decision) to keep exercise in the mix. In fact, activity will help you better handle those “choice” meals you are making during all the errands and festivities. Exercise makes you more insulin sensitive and studies suggest that exercise can overcome slip ups in diet as long as they are not continual and consistent.

On feast days, consider moving dinner up a couple hours and take an after dinner walk. Again, exercise is known to boost insulin receptivity and the movement will help you beat those post meal blues. Allow the kids to play at a park or start a family tradition of flag football.


Stay away from stress.

Make time for some stress management. Stress is detrimental to your health and can mess with your blood sugar balance. A meal that may not have been that bad for you in a relaxed state all of a sudden becomes a major body burden when eaten in a stressed state. Digestion begins in the brain.  Employ tools to manage stress like deep breathing (download a breathing app that sends you reminders), reflex points, essential oils and mental re-framing. Don’t forget those workouts are a great form of stress management too. This will not come naturally for most of us. You must decide to make this happen 🙂


Remember Digestion begins in the brain.

Take a few moments pre-meal to sit down take a big deep breath and show some gratitude for your food. This will trigger salivary amylase to begin digesting those delicious carbs. Chew, chew, chew your food and set your fork down between bites. Turn off that Thanksgiving football game and enjoy the company of your family. Take time to set a beautiful table and add some mood lighting. This puts you in rest and digest mode so your body can properly digest your meal. Stop and think: many of our ancestral traditions were not created to make more work but rather to set us up to rest, digest and enjoy the company of our friends and family. Reframe your perspective.


Consider a little intermittent fasting during the holiday season.

Restrict your eating window and allow your body to rest and recover from those seasonal indulgences. Digestion takes up most of your energy stores. When you rest from this process the body then has time to prioritize detox and healing. This process, called autophagy, occurs when we restrict our eating window to 8-10 hours, giving the body 14-16 hours to rest and digest. Fasting can be done many ways, but typically you can either have a late breakfast or an early dinner. I try to restrict my eating to daylight hours.


Pair your starches with healthy fats.

Feel good about ladling a generous helping of gravy over those mashed potatoes. Fats help to balance the blood sugar spikes that result from a meal high in starch, and are imperative for management of inflammation. Furthermore, those good fats will help you to feel more satiated so you are not going back for seconds and thirds of that sweet potato pie.


Hydration. Hydration. Hydration.

Water is the number one deficiency in most Americans. Every organ and cell in the body needs adequate hydration in order to function well. When we do not get enough water, our body prioritizes some areas of function, like digestion, at the expenses of other areas, like brain function and detox. Some research has shown that dehydration is at the root of many of today’s diseases. In the chaos of holiday prep and planning it is easy to let hydration slip. Set a reminder on your phone or fill 2 quart jars in the morning to remind yourself to get hydration in. Associate hydration with certain activities. For example, I typically hydrate when driving. Now I get thirsty any time I am in the car. Start your day with a full glass of water, not coffee. Add a pinch of sea salt, not table salt (!), for added electrolytes and minerals. Sea salt is a great adrenal boost as well.


Don’t throw away those bones!

One of the best things about a Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey is the amount of healing broth you can make from the bones. Bone broth provides minerals and amino acids important to the gut lining. It is great to sip for a snack or to use as a base for soup. On average I get 17 quart sized jars of broth from my Thanksgiving Turkey!


Remember eating well is a form of self-respect.

When you are tempted by friends and family to indulge a little too much remind yourself that you are respecting your body and your health. Prepare yourself for the inevitable pressure by establishing a non-negotiable baseline. For example, I always remain gluten free, opt for healthy fats, forgo dessert (because I cannot control myself around sugar), and limit myself to no more than 2 really good alcoholic drinks (no cheap wine or crappy mixers for me!). While I loosen up my daily diet sometimes, I know this is what I absolutely need to feel good and I stick to it. FOMO (fear of missing out) is for the birds, I would rather not miss out on feeling good.

Furthermore, have your excuses ready when you get pressured to participate. I once had a friend tell me she related her “no” foods with going to bathroom when making excuses to friends and family. She says, “No one ever wants to discuss bowel movements!”

Lastly, consider your future self, this is called responsibility debt, do not put off healthy habits until January when you can continue to incorporate them today. We all know that something will come up at the beginning of the year and then we get in this cycle of putting things off and allowing our future self to take care of it. Before you know it you hit 2019! Repeat for 10 years and you get the picture. Again respect yourself by not abdicating responsibility to your future self.

Check out this great illustration of responsibility debt here. I am linking this for me, not just you 😉


Ditch the guilt.

One of the things I teach in my classes is to remove guilt from the equation. Guilt can make a “choice” meal indigestible when it may not have affected us otherwise. The motto is “Whatever I eat, I choose it consciously, I enjoy it thoroughly, and then, I let it go.” Think of your meals as “choices” not “cheats” and plan those choices. Think about your food before devouring it. When you do make a choice, consider it an experiment, put on your lab coat and discover how those choices make you feel.

An invaluable supplement to have on hand is some activated charcoal. This will help you detox those “choices” a little better. However, do not use charcoal as an excuse to indulge too often. If you have more than 4 “choices” in a row you are off track and need to reevaluate your plan.


Plan ahead.

We all know the holiday season is not a time for strict rules and regulations and it is OK to loosen up a little. What is your plan for January? Don’t start thinking about this January 1, have a plan in place now with a solid start date. Preparation is key to success. Sign up for a detox, clean eating challenge, exercise plan or some PT. However, pick one and enlist some help/accountability, don’t overdo it and set yourself up for failure.


Remember the reason for the season. Do the dishes tomorrow. Enjoy your family today.

On feast days, remember the reason for the season and give yourself grace and time to just be. Dishes will always be there, our loved ones may not be 🙂

Emphasize celebration and gratitude, not food. While food is certainly a part of the fun it isn’t what this season is about. Reframe your brain to prioritize family, friends and gratitude.

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”



Kristen Files is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes. Visit her site at Hearts for Health for more tips and suggestions for healthy living.



Believe it or not, there are quite a few amazing uses for leftover citrus peels. Citrus is among the healthiest foods that contain tons of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These nutrients are great at preventing diseases, helping with bone density, and improving cognitive functions. Aside from just ingesting citrus, you can use it to benefit your health and well-being in a number of ways. Instead of throwing your old orange or lemon peels away save them for any of the nine uses outlined below.

Infuse in Your Tea

Want to enhance your tea with a little nutrients and some extra flavor? Add your leftover citrus peels! To make your citrus peels into a homemade tea mix, simply leave them out to dry on a plate or a rack. After a few days, the water should have evaporated and they should feel crispy. You can also toast the peels in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until they are dry. After they are dry you can chop them up and add with other spices to make a natural and yummy herbal tea.

Air Freshener

Citrus peels added to boiling water and spices can make a natural air freshener that will leave your whole house smelling warm and inviting. To get started toss orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves in a pot of water. Bring this pot to a low simmer and let it heat on your stove until the smells become pungent. Eventually, the simmering fragrance will fill your home. This is a cheap and effective way to make your home smell great without having to buy plugin air fresheners or expensive candles.

Teeth Whitener

Did you know that lemon rinds can also be used as a teeth whitener? Simply rub fresh lemon rind on your teeth to whiten and get rid of spots and stains. You can also add a pinch of salt to the lemon rind and rub on your teeth to get them sparkling white. You can also blend the lemon peel with water to make a fine paste to use on your toothbrush. Once you are done thoroughly rinse with clean water. Repeat this process three times a week or more for the best results. For exact instructions check out home remedies recipes here.


The antioxidants and pectin in the lemon peels make for a fantastic anti-aging remedy. You can use lemon peels to make a natural anti-wrinkle mask if you mix it with other natural juices. Just mix up lemon peel powder with papaya juice until it becomes a paste. Put this paste on your face and let it rest for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water and follow up with a healthy oil-based moisturizer. You can use this natural remedy every day or once a week for a refreshing face mask.

Candied Peels

Leftover citrus peels can be candied and turned into delicious sugary treats. Making candied citrus peels is easier than you think and can be used for a variety of desserts garnishes. To candy your citrus peels, cut them into long strips and toss them in a saucepan with water and salt. Boil the peels for 10 minutes and drain. Repeat this process twice as it will soften the lemon peels and take away and residual bitterness.  After this, add cold water and sugar and simmer for 45 to 60 minutes. Once this is done let them cool on a piece of wax paper and roll in sugar while they are still wet. For more detailed instructions check out the recipe here.

Citrus Zest

Add tons of flavors to otherwise bland dishes using zest from citrus peels! There a ton of recipes you can make that use lemon and orange zest. For example, you can add citrus zest to creamy desserts such as yogurt, ice cream, smoothies. You can also add lemon or orange zest into baked goods like muffins and pies. To make zest simply grate the lemon or orange peels on a cheese grater or a specific zester kitchen tool. You can also freeze leftover citrus zest to save for later.

Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar is a wonderful natural cleaner, but it has an incredibly strong smell that turns a lot of people off. Luckily, you can infuse it with citrus peels to give it a more refreshing aroma. Citrus peels also give the vinegar additional cleaning properties since it chemically reacts with oils to break them down. To make this natural cleaner add lemon or orange peels to a distilled white wine vinegar and leave in a jar for two weeks. Once this is done, strain the peels and add the leftover liquid to a spray bottle with a little water.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Don’t you hate when your garbage disposal starts to stink up the kitchen? Add citrus peels in your garbage peels after every few uses in order to deodorize the smell. This will keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh every time you use it. You can also use citrus peels to clean your garbage disposal. Add two cups of ice and one cup of rock salt to your disposal for 5 seconds. This will purge the drain of all extra waste. Once this is done, toss four to six peels along with cold water through your garbage disposal and run it for 5 to 10 seconds.

Ant Deterrent

Do you have ants and other annoying pests? Get rid of them easily using leftover lemon peels. Place a handful of lemon peels by the windows, door frames, or cracks where ants can sneak through. Lemon is a natural ant and pest deterrent since they hate the smell and stay away from concentrated areas with lemon. You can also boil the lemon peels in hot water and add that water to an essential oil to create a lemon spray. This spray can be used the same way as the peels.

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All Made Simple – by: S.George

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“If you continue to do what you have always done, then you will continue to be who you have always been…you must change to change…”

We are thrilled to announce November’s Athlete of the Month, Cindy Wallace! Enthusiastic, encouraging, and energetic are all words that immediately come to mind when I think of who Cindy Wallace is.

Even at 6:00 am, she walks into the gym with a smile on her face and ready to conquer the workout of the day.

A member since 2016, Cindy remains consistently dedicated to her health and fitness goals. Cindy always immerses herself in community events. She recently took on the biking trails out in Georgetown with other athletes from the gym as a fun Saturday activity. This past year she also competed in the CrossFit open with her husband, Doug.

If you usually go to classes in the evening, I highly recommend checking out one of the morning workouts to witness her awesomeness!

You make us proud, Cindy!

When it comes to food, you can’t really get more classic than the chicken breast. It’s not hard to see why, either- chicken breast makes for a relatively large, affordable cut of meat, that with the skin off, is a rather healthy source of protein. However, while readily available, it can be a little tricky to cook the perfect chicken breast; this is thanks to the awkward shape of it, which can make it difficult to cook evenly for a juicy, flavorful taste throughout the entire breast.

Now, if you happen to be a fan of chicken breast, but just hate when it comes out unevenly cooked, there’s no reason to fret. You also don’t have to go through the trouble of cutting it up beforehand or constantly flipping it back and forth for even coverage. In fact, all you need to do is read on for a simple solution with numerous benefits. After all, the solution for this potentially vexing problem is very simple: before you cook, or even cut your chicken breast, give it a good pounding.

Pounding your chicken breast will improve the quality of your meals in a number of ways. For starters, pounding out a chicken breast can get the meat nice and even- this means a pounded breast will cook more evenly compared to the awkwardly shaped original. Furthermore, pounding a breast to be more even will thin it out some, which will create a larger surface area exposed to heat. Put simply, it will cook faster. On top of that, by pounding the chicken before you cook it, you are tenderizing the meat some, which will also help it to cook faster.

All in all, these things mean that you get to greatly speed up that whole ‘cooking’ part of meals and skip to the much more entertaining ‘eating’ portion. Still, there are even more benefits for propounding your chicken breast. Not only do flatter chicken breasts cook faster, but they are also a little bit easier to cut and therefore, somewhat easier to eat too. Between the cooking and the eating, overall, a flatter chicken breast is just much easier to deal with.

To get started, all you need is something to wrap the chicken breast in before you get to pounding. This protects the chicken from contamination via whatever you’re pounding it with and protects everything else from getting chicken juice all over it. For wrapping, you have some options. You might opt for plastic wrap, but you’d probably be better served to use an appropriately sized freezer bag. This is because the bag provides you an advantage in the form of thicker material- it’s less likely to break from the force. Wax paper is also another option.

Compared to plastic wrap, the plastic bag method also offers you another pair of important advantages. First and foremost, if you have plans to marinate or season or even simply store the chicken (and be honest: chances are you’re doing at least one of those), it is already bagged up and ready to go- just add marinade. On top of that, it’s quicker and easier to bag and debag the chicken breast, compared to wrapping and unwrapping it. Still, in an absence of plastic bags, you can use plastic wrap, and it works just fine.

When it’s time to get to the actual pounding, again, you have options. These are generally more diverse than bag vs wrap, and ultimately it comes down to preference more than anything. Ideally, you’ll want to use a blunt object. Sharp or studded instruments can tear the bag, so a standard meat tenderizer might be a thing you *won’t* want to use. Your tool of choice should have some weight to it. You could use a standard hammer, for instance, or a spoon. Whatever the case, start pounding at the thickest part of the breast and move outward from there.

Think of it as a distance run, rather than a sprint. You’ll be better served going slowly, and be sure to check the chicken every so often. Too much force or too many blows can tear up the meat., or the bag. In any case, ¾ of an inch is an ideal thickness for your chicken breast. From there, it’s time to jump into the seasoning and marinade portion. If you are big on marinades, shaping the meat in this way will help your marinade affect all of the chicken breasts evenly, rather than not penetrating the breast’s thicker meat.

All in all, pounding your chicken breast before you cook it is a great way to take this healthy source of protein and make it even more efficient. You can apply cooking and flavoring much more evenly and easily than ever before, and if you decide to simply store it for later, you don’t need to waste time repackaging it if you opt for the plastic bag method. Flattened chicken can ease the process of cooking, allowing you to focus on other parts of meal prep instead of worrying about constantly flipping the chicken breast, or letting it dry out.

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All Made Simple – by: S.George

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“If you continue to do what you have always done, then you will continue to be who you have always been…you must change to change…”

Want to connect with other like-minded masters athletes on the interwebs? Looking for some apparel to show your masters pride? I wanted to see what was out there and found some interesting results.

Most of the sites and/or groups I came across were old (no pun intended); in other words, their content was from a year, sometimes two years ago. But there are a few gems mixed in. Here are a few to check out.

Facebook Groups

Silverback Masters Athletes AKA WOD-Life Masters Community

Old Lady Gains

Viejo Strong

Crossfit Masters 45-55

South Central Masters

CF40 – Masters WOD



Silverback Nation

Old Lady Gains

Viejo Strong

WOD Masters