Reborn Athlete – Diane Hale

After attending several events at CrossFit Round Rock as a spectator; I noticed that people of all ages were working out and how supportive everyone was towards each other. I really wanted to become part of this community. My son was a coach at CFRR & with his guidance and support, despite feeling uncomfortable stepping out of my nonexistent workout routine, I finished the Fundamentals classes and I was hooked.  Trying something new was nerve-wracking to say the least and I was outside my comfort zone, but the kindness and support from everyone made coming to the gym fun. 

CrossFit became my saving grace a couple of years later when I had a total knee replacement-unrelated to CrossFit. I returned to the gym as soon as possible and the trainers and community provided support throughout my rehabilitation and strengthening journey. When people discover that I’ve had a total knee replacement, they’re shocked at my ability to move so well, especially when playing pickleball. I attribute my resilience and mobility to CrossFit Round Rock and its supportive community.

CrossFit  prevented a life of pain and becoming a couch potato. Two years later, I find myself stronger than ever, eating healthier than I ever imagined I would, & achieving new personal records.