What is the purpose of the challenge?

The purpose of the challenge is to hold you accountable on one of the main pillars of fitness, nutrition. The main goal of Operation Caveman is to not only achieve loss of body fat, increase in energy, lean body mass gain, and performance during workouts, but to also learn to FUEL FOR LIFE.

What are the rules?

  1. All athletes will be following one method of eating: Paleo/Primal.
  2. All athletes will consume only whole foods made and prepped by themselves. We are looking for quality over quantity. That means we still want you to log your food and send it to your Coach so we can hold you accountable. But instead of trying to macro count and forcing yourself to get your allotted calories for the day by eating protein bars and drinking shakes, we would rather you freshly prepare all your meals so you know exactly what is going into your body. A healthy relationship with food can go a long way.
  3. Each athlete will weigh in and have their body fat % taken at the beginning and the end of the challenge. Before and after photos are – front, side, and back view. Women will appear in shorts and sports bra/bikini top/form-fitting tank, and men in shorts with no shirt. Pictures are completely up to you. If that’s not something you want out of this challenge we will completely understand. No pictures will be published without the consent of the participant.
  4. All athletes will complete the CAVEMAN WODs (See schedule below). If the scheduled date of the WOD is not possible for you to attend, don’t let this excuse hold you from committing to the challenge. We will schedule a time to get this done! These workouts are EXCLUSIVE to the Operation Caveman athletes and you won’t want to miss this workout!

What else do I need to know?

If you do go off plan, don’t expect INSANE results. Ultimately we can’t force you to do anything. Just remember that it’s only 6 weeks… you can do this! Your main focus is to prep and eat GOOD QUALITY food for the next 45 days.

How do I sign up?

Registration runs from March 6th-April 6. Here is the full schedule:

* March 6th: Registration opens

* April 6th: Registration closes

* April 14th: Operation Caveman Benchmark WOD

* April 16th: Challenge begins

* May 26th: Operation Caveman Retest WOD

The 6-week challenge is $219. This gives you access to the Operation Caveman Crew Facebook page where you can find support, recipes, accountability, and all you will need to succeed in this challenge. That price also includes daily check-ins with your Coach. This is when we dive into your food logs and explain to you where you could do better and also celebrate your wins TOGETHER. We want to evaluate everything! All the way down to the micronutrients you’re getting from your food and the vitamins you take to gain an even better health and wellness. But the best part…are you ready…an EXCLUSIVE Operation Caveman 2018 T-shirt is yours to rock after you complete the challenge. This challenge is capped at 20 participants so each athlete can get as much devoted attention from their Coach that they will need to be successful. Each Coach will have a dedicated set number of spaces available on their Caveman Team. Don’t worry though, if your tribe leaders team fills up you will still have a spot available on another Coaches team.  Email [email protected] TODAY to lock down your spot. Remember, we are already proud of how far you’ve come! This can help take you to the next level!

What foods can I eat?

Participating in your first CrossFit Games Open is the ultimate learning experience.

 Work hard, have fun, and learn what the Open is all about because you only have one first time.

Here are five ways to make the most of your experience:

1. Ignore the Clock

The fastest way to get discouraged during a workout is to focus on the clock. We’ve all been there: four minutes into a fifteen-minute AMRAP and suddenly we’re questioning how we’re ever going to survive the rest of the WOD.

Wasting your time looking at the clock isn’t doing you any favors. The time melts away at the same speed regardless of how often you check. So stop dilly-dallying and just do the work.

“By shifting your focus away from the clock, you can dedicate 100% of your effort to achieving your goal. If there’s time left once you’re at your target, the rest is gravy.”

The best approach for a beginner to avoid getting overwhelmed is to pick a realistic number of rounds to complete and forget about the time constraint. Just focus on the task at hand and fight to hit your number.

Tip: Ask your judge to let you know when there are two minutes left in the workout so you can make a final push to finish strong.

2. Avoid Playing Games

If this is your first CrossFit Open, you might hear conversations among fellow CrossFitters that go something like this: “Dude, step ups are faster than box jumps. I totally timed it.”

But you know what? Who cares? Go ahead and watch the dozens of strategy videos that inevitably pop up after each workout is announced, but don’t let the hype get to your head. As a first-timer, your main concern should be working hard without regrets, not whether or not you maximized your time by doing three reps per set instead of four.

Worrying about strategy, like focusing on the clock, will just sabotage your confidence – and for a beginner, it’s all about the big picture. At the end of each workout, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you proud of your effort?
  • Did you work as hard as possible on that given day?
  • Did you have fun?

If you answer yes to these, consider the workout a success.

Tip: I’m not advocating going into a workout totally blind. For example, don’t go pedal-to-the-metal at the start of an eighteen-minute AMRAP.  Do your own thing and let other people calculate their work-to-rest ratios.

3. Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Something magical happens during the Open. Fear and doubt go out the window and countless people find themselves transitioning over the rings for their first muscle up or finally whipping a jump rope fast enough for their first double under.

Athletes all over the world achieve feats of strength and athleticism that once seemed impossible. Watching a friend conquer something that he or she was struggling with since that first nervous day at the gym is incredibly rewarding.

Many beginners get stuck in a cycle of always choosing to fall short of what they’re truly capable of doing. But because Open workouts are judged, you’re forced to maintain movement standards and try things you think are out of your reach. Henry Ford said it best: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Tip: Ride the adrenaline wave and see what you can do in the heat of the moment – with safety first, of course. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

4. Embrace Embarrassment

Chances are one of your goats will pop up during the five-week competition. Maybe it’s the elusive muscle up that you’re still a bit away from achieving. Or maybe the prescribed deadlift is a weight you only dream about.

Give the workout your best shot, but know when to bow out. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t hurt yourself trying to get just one rep. Grinding out a heavy snatch or turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame for a deadlift isn’t worth the risk of injury. Crazy things can happen in the heat of the moment (see tip number three), but sometimes it’s best to call it a day. Remember, you’re a beginner and your goals are to learn and have fun.

The silver lining in this situation is that the Open will expose your weaknesses and provide a training roadmap for the next year. You might be surprised at how motivated you feel to train harder after failing in an Open workout. Once the competition is over, there are 47 weeks until the next Open. That’s a lot of time to improve strength and skills.

Tip: Hold your head high and vow to come back stronger next year.

5. You’ll Get Better at CrossFit Without Actually Working Out

Yes, you read that right. Each Open workout must be performed in front of a judge (aka, fellow CrossFitter at your gym). Judges are responsible for ensuring each athlete adheres to proper movement standards. If your athlete doesn’t meet these standards, it’s up to the judge to call out a “no rep.”

Judging will make you a better athlete because watching people move is a great way to develop an eye for quality movement. You’ll begin to notice common mistakes that run rampant in CrossFit gyms and you may start to wonder if you’re guilty of the same mistakes. “I hope I don’t look like that when I work out.”

No one wants to “no rep” during a WOD, so do yourself a favor and use this new awareness as motivation to fight for better positions – like maintaining high elbows on front squats or keeping your feet glued together for kipping pull-ups. A little extra effort will go a long way toward building your confidence.

Tip: In the end, remember that your first Open is a learning experience. Have fun, work hard and enjoy the ride

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At home workout by Matt

Accumulate 5 min in plank

*every break do 15 supermans*

push-ups ups for quality


150 Air squats for time

*5 burpees each minute on the minute

*workout starts with burpees and finishes when you complete the squats

“Backyard Fight Gone Bad”

1:00 work for each of 5 different movements (5:00 total).  Rest 1:00.  3 rounds (15:00 total work).

***choose ONE movement in each option group and stick wit the same movement for all 3 rounds


3 rounds, 1:00 each movement:

(1)clapping push up, hand release PU, push up, kneeling PU

(2)split jumps/reverse lunges

(3)jackknife crunches/v-ups/bicycles/AB crunch

(4)squat hops/air squats

(5)planks ups/plank holds

Rest 1:00

At home workout by LK.

Warm up: 1 round:

20 jumping jacks

20 reverse lunges

10 inchworms

10 arm circles (10 forward/10 backward)


20 air squats

15 hollow rocks/tuck rocks

10 push ups (from knees are okay)

5 burpees

At home WOD by Coach Kali

“You’re welcome.”

Buy in: 50 Butterfly Sit Ups / Straight leg-Sit Ups



Air Squats:


Buy out: 50 Butterfly Sit Ups / Straight leg-Sit Ups

What is CFRR F.I.T.? How does it differ from a normal CrossFit class? Who is Coaching this class? How do I register? We know those are all questions you have after seeing our announcement in our monthly newsletter about this new program. Here is a little insight into our new specialty class.

The CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” remains at the heart of this specialty program, but we’re taking this idea and dialing it into Female’s specific needs. That is where the idea for CFRR Female’s Intentional Training came from. The woman’s life journey is unique in many ways to our male counterpart that actually physically changes us. We’ve been taught to “suck it in” (inhibiting our diaphragm function), pregnancy, childbirth, not to mention our mental strength, are all areas that need to be addressed within the time we dedicate to our fitness. This class will appropriately support all levels of female athletes with a special focus on core to extremity movement patterning. Expect to use bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, and odd objects in your training that is tailored to your unique intentions and ANY phase of life!

Classes will start January 2nd. Coach Anna Bergeron will be coaching both classes. They will be held every Tuesday at 4:30 PM and Saturday at 11:00 AM. Classes are capped at 10 athletes.  Please feel free to contact [email protected] to get signed up for this amazing program or with any questions we can answer for you!

“In my view, coaching is the art of guiding, motivating and training others to be a better version of themselves. This is why I want to be a CFRR coach.” – Marcus

Marcus Garcia is living proof that it’s never too late to change your way of life and become physically active.

Marcus’ interest in fitness and nutrition began at the age of 40. After addressing mounting health issues and facing an addiction to alcohol, Marcus transformed himself into the person he wanted to be. Now at the age of 47, he has lost over 100 pounds and is mentally and physically healthy. Part of his journey to wellness included following his mindset of “just move” and joining CFRR; he’s been a member since July 2014. Since then, Marcus has steadily improved in all aspects of the sport and is in the process of getting his CrossFit Level 1 certificate. Marcus embraces the CrossFit philosophy that learning proper mechanics are essential before adding heavyweight or intensity to any movement.

“My interest in coaching Fundamentals is simple; teaching fundamentals is the foundation to all that lies ahead of an athlete and serves as a basis for lifelong functional movement.”

Marcus and his wife Kathy “Storm” Garcia live in Georgetown, TX. Marcus is a full-time Realtor with Coldwell Banker United Realtors and coaches part-time in our Fundamentals Program. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys fishing at the coast, hiking, and attending sporting events. He is also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and supports various veteran programs in our community.

I am beyond thrilled to be returning to the CFRR coaching team! While it is so great to see familiar faces lately that I have missed daily interactions with over the past year, I also see new faces now that I can’t wait to really get to know!

The year away from coaching has truly been a transformative one. I’ve had time to recharge relationships and my personal passions (yaay Birthfit!). The most notable event is certainly being born into motherhood over the summer. My daughter Liviya is truly the light of my life. Motherhood’s “new perspective” doesn’t even quite scratch the surface to describe how she has changed my world! Yet, with all of that change, my passion remains the same; to pursue the healthiest fittest version of myself, while leading others in my community to the same. What I’ve really realized is that our needs and goals have to change and evolve – the same way the rest of our life does, the way we pursue fitness and health has to match our evolution and priorities. Sometimes that means STEP IT UP, and other times that means EASE UP. For me, it’s all about balance and keeping as many “life buckets” thriving as possible.

This leads me to the birth of CFRR FIT! “Female’s Intentional Training”.

I am so stoked to be leading the CFRR all females’ FIT class! I will be coaching women in their fitness journey to their next level by respecting the differences and challenges that are so uniquely ours. There is a LOT to be said about the intentions of our actions and how that sets forth motion and results. Your workouts are no different. Is your training intentionally designed to meet your needs?

Be on notice MEN! You are going to see me coaching in your CrossFit classes too! Health and fitness for all is my jam, and I’m thrilled to be adding a few hours of coaching back into my weekly routine. Depending on Tristyn’s arrival, you could see me in December, but I’ll certainly be in the mix come Januray 2nd.

I arrived in Austin in the spring of 1982…though, it was through the miracle of birth, and not a caravan coming from California like most, I was actually born here!

Ever since I was a kid I was always interested in sports.  I started playing organized football and basketball at age 8, but by the time I got to middle school and realized everyone was much larger than me, I switched to hockey.  The years after high school I started to notice a decline in my health and fitness.  I went from playing hockey 5-7 days a week to maybe once a week.

After dealing with a back issue and asthma, I decided to make a change.  I started researching nutrition and holistic healing and slowly switched to foods that we were intended to eat – organic produce, pasture raised meats, whole foods.  My asthma went away and my overall health improved.  And while researching nutrition, I came across functional fitness, i.e. CrossFit.

I started going to community workouts in 2011 and signed up at an affiliate in 2012.  I was working at Dell at the time but it was never a “career” for me.  I knew I wanted to help others with their health and fitness.  In April 2013, I passed the CrossFit level 1 cert and began coaching.  My biggest focused with clients is helping them with their nutrition and developing good movement patterns to build their foundation.

My education in health and fitness hasn’t stopped with the CFL-1.  In order to become a better coach to help others, I’ve taken the CrossFit Gymnastics level 1 and CF Advanced Gymnastics trainer’s course, USA Weightlifting coach’s course, NCFS (personal trainer’s cert), and as of September 2017, Precision Nutrition level 1, certified in Exercise Nutrition.

I’m looking forward to being apart of the community and helping you all become junior gymnasts!  Just remember, there is no deadline, this is a lifestyle.