April Athlete of the Month – Yenifer De Lara

Quiet but mighty! That’s Yenifer! A staple in the noon class. She walks in, sets her bag down, & sets her intentions for the class. She stays after every class to top everything off with accessory work & mobilization. 

In Yenifer’s interview, she reminds us that it’s less about the time you finish or the weight you used in the workout. It’s completely about getting to spend an hour out of your day in a safe inclusive space with people that support you no matter what. 

What was a misconception you had about CrossFit?
A misconception that I had about CrossFit was that x, y, or z movement was only for elite athletes. I thought muscle ups were impossible. But I’ve done some (jumping muscle ups) before and it dilutes the “pedestal” of perfection & elite athleticism. 

What motivates you?

I’m strangely not motivated by numbers at all. What moves me internally is seeing the same people come over and over to the moon classes. I know everyone has things going on, different jobs, different life conditions, but they’re still showing up like I do. I looooove watching people do their weightlifting because witnessing a struggle is uplifting. 

What are your training goals?

My training goals are based on the day of. I don’t and can’t plan because things always end of changing. My goals are new everyday. My training goals are based on what I can do in a day. I don’t plan the week or month or years head. If the WOD was upper body intensive, then I train legs after class. I don’t focus on numbers because they just deflate your ego. Expected numbers not getting hit makes you think you’re weaker than you really are, which puts you in a rut of negative thoughts and habits. It stops being fun. 

What’s a moment you felt very proud of yourself in a workout?

Today’s WOD (3/22) got me feeling hyped. I was proud for many reasons: I took very little breaks, used the burpees as rest, did bigger sets than I thought I could with 25# am. swings, and most importantly I felt my eyes burn from the sweat dripping. It made me feel like an elite athlete, like wow, I’m doing something good for myself! I’ve never sweated like this in such a long time. 

What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about joining CrossFit?

To anyone thinking about joining a CrossFit gym: be ready to make the financial commitments. Be ready to make consistent visits to the gym. Be ready to assert gym time as time for yourself. Be ready to value your body as machine that will require daily work. I never expected to receive something beyond a gym membership. I never expected to love strangers this hard. I never expected people to care so much about me. 

How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym?

I have built my work schedule and school schedule to not interfere with noon classes. Ive prioritized my gym life since my first fundamentals class. I’ve prioritized my time at CFRR because its become a house up in the clouds. Gym time is my outlet and a coping mechanism because I’m mindless (in a good way). 

What’s your favorite part about the community here?

My favorite thing about CFRR is having a place for me away from everyone that knows me… having a place where I am untouchable… having a place where I am in control. I like having a place where I feel like I belong. I love seeing people show up just like I do. My favorite part is as simple as taking the first step into the gym. The effects that I walk out with are compounding, priceless and permanent. Nobody can take away your muscles.