January Athlete of the Month – Gabe Perlaza

We are thrilled to announce that, Gabe Perlaza, has been crowned our first 2024 Athlete of the Month!

Beyond the impressive achievements and physical feats Gabe has achieved, it his infectious positivity and genuine camaraderie that truly set him apart. In a community built on support, Gabe goes above and beyond, inspiring others to reach new heights and fostering a sense of unity within the gym.

As we celebrate Gabe as our Athlete of the Month, we also celebrate the collective spirit that makes our gym a home. Congratulations, Gabe, on this well-deserved honor!

1) What was a misconception you had about CrossFit? 

Meathead central, crazy workouts that lead to injury. Totally not true! 

2) What motivates you?

Knowing that feeling of a challenging workout. But also the benefits, long lasting benefits on health, longevity. Learning new movements, improving those movements, challenging myself and getting out of the comfort zone. 

3) What are your training goals?

Continue to learn and improve Olympic and gymnastic movements. Continue to improve my numbers across CFRR workouts. 

4) What’s a moment you felt very proud of yourself in a workout?

Definitely the rope climb but also improving on the gymnastics movements and my body adjusting to it. 

5) What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about joining CrossFit?

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Try it out and get to know the coaches. That was a game changer here with Landon, Matt and Sam, the attention to detail and the focus on everyone, adjusting, modifying, correcting as needed. 

6)  How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym?

It’s given me another community to be a part of and something to look forward a few times a week. Coming together with others that have a common goal of continuing to move and get better every day. Movement is Medicine! 

7) What’s your favorite part about the community here? 

You have all ends of the spectrum in terms of age and ability but regardless of that everyone here has the common purpose of getting better together and improving a little bit daily, cheering each other on, pushing everyone to finish 

The coaches are here through each workout to make sure everyone is safe and correcting technique and giving modifications as needed.