October Athlete of the Month – Elvis Jaimes

CONGRATULATIONS to our October Athlete of the Month. When thinking about people who will be in class regardless of the situation, Elvis is at the top of the list. He NEVER misses class and in the event that he does, it’s never because he shying away from the workout. This dude shows up, works hard and heads out all with a smile on his face. Elvis you are a beautiful soul! We are so proud of you & everything you’ve accomplishment. Get to know Elvis a little big more…

1) What was a misconception you had about CrossFit? You can’t do it it for people that are in shape or working out routine already. Don’t do it you will hurt yourself. To dangerous

2) What motivates you? Me, myself. When you know in your mind you are ready for a change you will do anything you put your mind too!

3) What are your training goals? Lose weight feel better and overall love a healthy life.

4) What’s a moment you felt very proud of yourself in a workout? When I first did my first box jump so proud moment!

5) What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about joining CrossFit? Come and see for yourself that CrossFit RR is a family and a beginner person that has not lifted a weight from high school can come and start training here and learn from some of the best coaches I’ve ever had! Life coaches!

6)  How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym? I feel 100% better health and mind! Long journey to go still but I am very happy with my progress and it will just get better everyday!

7) What’s your favorite part about the community here? We are family and we do not judge anyone coming through those doors! I recommend CrossFit RR to anyone and everyone that is ready to change their life for the better in overall health!