September Athlete of the Month

Welcoming, encouraging and consistent! Just a few words to describe our Athlete of the Month! Melissa! 

Melissa is an amazing hardworking mother and wife! Always shows up ready to work and with a smile on her face. Melissa thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to the CFRR community!
Cheers to Melissa!

What was a misconception you had about CrossFit?

 The first time I tried CrossFit I didn’t know much about it. But the trainer had me lifting way more weight than I was ready for. I ended up hurting myself. After that, I had the misconception (along with many others) that CrossFit hurt your body or everyone had horrible form. Once I found CFRR I realized that was wrong. They focused so much on my form and actually helped me with my back issues. They also properly taught me how to lift and my form is better than when I went to a regular gym with a personal trainer.

2) What motivates you?

I used to be motivated by being the first one done, fastest, or strongest in the class. Now I’m motivated by my daughter and the beautiful legacy women I workout with. I want to be able to do athletic activities with my daughter and still be able to workout, do Crossfit, and be active when I’m older.

3) What are your training goals?

a) My Training goals are more geared towards movement, and my body feeling good. I used to do Olympic weightlifting competitions and my training goals focused on being the strongest- while I’d love to get back to the weight I used to compete at, I focus on the here and now : getting my body back to doing things I was doing pre-pregnancy, focusing on the small wins, and doing exercises and workouts that prevent me from getting injured.

4)  What’s a moment you felt very proud of yourself in a workout?

A favorite moment for me actually doesn’t have to do with me…but I feel very proud when the class/community rallies behind someone that may be struggling to finish a workout and either cheers them on or finishes the workout with them. That is one of my favorite things about Crossfit is we all cheer each other on, no matter the fitness level, and make everyone feel accomplished.  

5) What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about joining CrossFit?

Run, don’t walk, to a gym! But make sure you find the right gym for YOU. Let the owner/coaches know about you, what your concerns might be, if they do any modifying, and don’t just jump into a gym just because it’s close to you. Make sure they care for their athletes…whether advanced or just beginning.

6) How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym?

Crossfit has made me feel comfortable in my skin. Before I joined CrossFit, I thought women needed to be “skinny”, do tons of cardio, and I felt unconscious with my body. The moment I walked into the gym, I saw strong, beautiful women, wearing short shorts with muscular thighs and not caring what other people thought of them. CrossFit helped show me the mindset of “strong is the new skinny” and that women don’t need to be tiny. I now embrace my curves, where the damn shorts and crop tops, and everyone around me makes me feel beautiful the way I am.

7) What’s your favorite part about the community here?

The people and the coaches are AMAZING! Everyone at CFRR is so welcoming, to new and old members. I moved away for a few years and when I came back I still knew so many of the people and we talked and caught up like it was just yesterday. The community here makes me want to come to the gym and I’ve made great friends within the community. The coaches all check in with you, ask you how you’re doing, and really care about their members.