Bharath Dade

I started my CrossFit Journey along with a bunch of friends in December 2015 in Schaumburg (IL), which introduced me to barbell lifts & CrossFit WOD’s. In mid-2017 I moved to Austin, which is a completely new place for me. To overcome that I started exploring the food places & bars Austin has to offer. The Austin move combined with work pressure & unhealthy/out of control eating made my weight shoot up. I wanted to get back to CrossFit, but lack of motivation made me quit each box I went to.

In December 2017 I stepped into CrossFit Round Rock. During my fundamentals Coach Matt gave me a lot of information about the workouts, mobility and tailored the workouts for me to get used to them again. Not only did he work with my crazy schedule to make sure I got my sessions in, but we also had many motivational talks to make me maintain consistency & show up to the workouts.

At first, I was nervous, intimidated looking at the people doing all the lifts & WOD’s. On top of it, I talk less (still now) & I don’t interact much, which made me think of quitting. What helped me hang in there were the CFRR coaches & Ambassadors helping me scale down the workouts, correcting my form, keeping me injury free & cheering me on.

The 6-week nutrition challenge, Operation Caveman, at CFRR familiarized me with a lot of information about nutrition, quality, and healthy eating and tracking what I eat. It helped me lose 10 lbs. in body weight & 2 lbs. in body fat. Also, I did my first CrossFit Open at CrossFit Round Rock. I transformed from making excuses to doing workouts.

CrossFit made me realize fitness/working out is a way of life, a daily routine. It’s not just hitting the gym when it’s New Year or when your scale says, “Damn!”. Thank you CrossFit Round Rock for being part of my fitness journey and always filling up me with new information about health, WOD’s & nutrition.