DeDe Bratcher

My fitness journey began when I had an honest conversation with myself. Nearly 300 pounds at 5’3” I had a choice to make. Become diabetic for the rest of my days or be intentional about my future. Cardio always worked for me in the past. I began there and stopped there. Frustrated, I asked Jeff; my wonderful other half, to sit down and pray with me that the solution to the future fitness journey presented itself at Radiant 2016.

Our prayers were answered. I met Adrien Adams at Celebration Church. We exchanged information. What’s wild about this interaction is I didn’t have a clue where Adrien worked. I just knew I was meant to speak with her before I could take another step.

We met at Crossfit Round Rock. I had a list of questions for Adrien and afterward, she and I just grinned at each other, said we knew that we were stuck with each other. We’ve been swole sisters ever since.

Adrien introduced me to the fundamentals of CrossFit. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be in love with CrossFit. Not coming from an athletic background I had no bad habits to break. I was giddy to find out my body could do movements I never thought to attempt. Building strength and endurance the whole time. I began to meet all these wonderful athletes. I was in awe of the movements they could do. Meeting other people that had similar stories to mine motivated me even more.

I was so giddy about my first group class. I know everyone else was used to it but I was so pumped I showed up 30 minutes just to stretch because I hadn’t done this before. Everyone was friendly and encouraging. I settled in quickly.

Jumping rope was one of my first goals. The first time I got to do single under in a class I could not stop smiling. My next goal was running and I have always been the one to say if you see me running? You better start too, because something is CHASING ME.

Then progressed to changing my food choices. I had no idea the quantity of fast-food my family and I consumed or how easy it was to eat poorly so cheaply. Reading labels on food and deciding to become gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free was a transition over time that I am so thankful CrossFit helped me make. The benefits have overflowed to the way my family eats.

Landon and Adrien are not only owners of Crossfit Round Rock. They lead by example. They lead with their hearts. They work on creating relationships with each of the athletes at their gym and make you feel welcome. I appreciate all the encouragement. I appreciate Adrien kicking my butt in Personal Training and our great talks. I appreciate Landon’s silliness and dancing.

Fast forward to November 2019, I am down nearly 100 pounds. I have developed some amazing friendships. We have an amazing crew that I’m honored to say they are family. CrossFit Round Rock is my home away from home.