Deedra Arevalo

Crossfit Round Rock has been my stability in life since 2010 and now at the age of 42, I am just starting to feel like i am seeing major results from all the hard work and commitment that Iʼve put into over the last 8 years.

Yes, it has taken me this long to finally feel like I am reaching the goals I never thought I could especially when youʼre not getting younger. Boy have I proven myself wrong!! I have been able to set more PRʼs in the last 2 years than ever before and scratch off goals I never thought I would reach plus more!!!

The coaches at CFRR have always been there for me even when you think they arenʼt, you get that text,

“Hey, you okay? Missed you today?”

They hold you accountable and in turn, you hold yourself accountable.

CFRR has taught me so much about myself. Taking care of yourself through a well-balanced diet and with the evolution of Crossfit you’re constantly learning new movements, new techniques and always setting yourself up with new goals! I strive for the daily motivation in seeing what else I can accomplish. To be able to hold my head up high and think “Yeah! I just did that!”

Having your fellow Crossfit members cheer you on even when youʼre struggling to get that last set or last rep. I owe so much to everyone who has come along my path at CFRR cause without this community I wouldnʼt be the person I am today..strong, healthy and happy 🙂