Jennifer Randle

I attended a drop-in class at Crossfit Round Rock basically out of curiosity because the box was literally within walking distance from my house. After my first class, I felt the sense of inspiration and profound community with the way everyone motivated each other, and it truly changed my outlook about Crossfit in general. Obviously I was the last one to finish the WOD but several of the members continued to work out beside me even after they were done just to ensure my first experience was encouraging. Needless to say, I joined the very next day and have been a devoted member since early 2015.

I will admit, though, my journey has not been an easy one. I was diagnosed with hypertension, depression, and anxiety in my early 20’s, and was taking five pills a day to manage what I thought at the time, diseases that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Over the years I struggled with weight loss and weight gain, inconsistency, and numerous failed attempts to find the right nutrition plan. I tried several diets, joined many different gyms, and even played competitive tennis for several years. I would lose weight, but could never keep it off because I would quit as soon as saw a slight difference. Even during my first couple of years at Crossfit Round Rock, I continued to struggle because I had always had the misconception that just “working out” would fix all of my problems. “This time will be different.” But it definitely wasn’t. I gained 30 lbs after my 2nd year enrolled in Crossfit mainly because I was eating the same unhealthy diet and living the lifestyle that I was accustomed to. In all honesty, I had become more disappointed and depressed because I wasn’t seeing the changes I thought I should.

After many conversations with Coach Adrien, I finally realized the path I was on wasn’t working. Multiple things had to change and simply losing weight wasn’t the ultimate goal. Over the past year, I started to look at the whole picture and understand that my health is most important. I have found determination within me that I didn’t think existed. I now workout 4 times a week, attend Oly classes when I can to focus on my insecurities with Olympic lifting, and joined the new Gymnastics class taught by Coach Sam to improve my favorite movements like pull-ups and handstands. I have lost 35 lbs, 7% body fat, and I no longer suffer from any medical ailments. I now conquer the movement progressions and am more frequently able to Rx many of the WOD’s all while trusting my body to know when it’s time to scale. I have the upmost confidence in my strength and abilities and feel proud every day knowing that I’m on the right path to becoming the best version of myself.

With that being said, all of this could not be possible without the constant support of all of the coaches at Crossfit Round Rock. Each one of them delivers a different personality and coaching style, but they are all equally patient, consistent, and passionate about what they do. I continue to learn every day and am truly grateful for all of the support and motivation I receive when I walk through the door. I am also very thankful for all of the members – specifically the 6pm class – for the solid source of encouragement and inspiration. Y’all are SOLDIERS!