Malinda Price

A couple of months ago, when I was first asked to be a Reborn Success story for CFRR and asked to write a blog about my CrossFit fitness journey, I had this blog easily written in my head. It is such an honor, and at the time, it was a highlight in my own personal life. However, my life has significantly changed and so has my core values. As some of you may know, my 20-year-old son along with our beloved dog, Penelope, were in a tragic and fatal car accident in mid-November. 

If you know me then you know I am the proud mom of Vincent and Madeleine. Simply being their mom brings me so much joy but as a stay at home mom, I also need my own goals outside of my family. So back to my fitness/CrossFit journey! I began my fitness journey as an endurance athlete back in 2002. I began marathon training but never really thought I would complete a marathon. I did it to be a healthy role model for my two children. My other main goals were to be consistent, get fit, and hold myself accountable. Again, I never actually thought I could or would complete an entire marathon. That is 26.2 miles of running in one day!!!! So fast forward 9 years, 10 marathons and (at the time) 2 Ironman races later, I felt accomplished in regards to fitness. I also believe that part of my life had a positive and significant impact on my two kids. 

In 2011, due to a running injury, I thought it would be fun to try something different and a little shorter so I thought CrossFit would be fun!! As I mentioned above, I had this blog written in my head and knew exactly what I would write about in regards to my CrossFit journey. I also mentioned that my core values have changed. In a few short weeks, I am a different person spiritually, emotionally and (right now) physically. With what my family and I have recently endured since November 17, 2019, I can still say that CrossFit and most importantly CFRR are a part of that CORE. It is still important for me to be strong and healthy. It is also important to model that for my loved ones. 

Originally, I planned to mainly write about all of the positive dietary changes CFRR has also brought to me and my family’s lives. At this point, that would be an entirely separate blog but happy to talk to anyone about that food journey. As an endurance athlete, I think one of my favorite things involved eating and carb-loading!!! I thought I was doing it all so well and since I swam all the time, rode my bike for hours, and ran all of those miles then I knew I was so fit!!! Then comes CFRR!! I could not do one push up and certainly never imagined I would ever do a pull-up! I did not understand how a 10-minute workout could make me feel as exhilarated and as exhausted as a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run?? I was hooked and I was saving time!! In 2013, that endurance passion snuck up on me again and thank goodness I now had CFRR and Coach Landon! I was able to complete my third Ironman with Landon’s coaching and CrossFit endurance methods. 

I simply can not imagine my life without CrossFit Round Rock. Not only has it changed how I look at fitness and food but it has brought some amazing people to my life. My family and I have made so many wonderful connections throughout this journey that it is difficult to only consider this a fitness journey. It has been a life journey and I am thankful I took my family on it. I like to believe that it did provide an influence on my son and his decision to swim in college. Of course, many of you know Madeleine as she loves attending CrossFit classes and almost everything fitness. She was also a competitive swimmer and is currently trying to talk me into another Ironman so we can do it together. 

Again, beyond the fitness benefits, I am thankful for the life long friendships this community has brought to us. In our time of grief and sorrow, current and past CFRR members have been one of our biggest strengths. Landon and Adrien have built this amazing community and I am proud and thankful to be a part of it. This past year brought one of the worse things that can happen to anyone but I am still looking forward to being my strongest and healthiest self.