Mike Sterns

I joined CrossFit Round Rock in August of 2011 at the age of 55. After visiting my son in Seattle and going to a CrossFit session with him I knew this was something I would love to do. At the time, my cholesterol was high and my doctor said I could do one of two things. I could either take meds OR I could change my diet and exercise. I chose the latter and it worked.

The first few months at CFRR were really rough. I couldn’t finish a complete workout but I was always encouraged by everyone around me. I have had several gym memberships. It always seemed that I stuck with it for a few months at a time and then quit.

CrossFit Round Rock is different because of the community you train with and the friends that you make. The support of the Coaching staff was another reason why I’ve called CFRR home for 7 years now.

CrossFit really works and the community keeps you coming back. Since I started in 2011 is because more of a lifestyle than just a chore to fit into your day. It’s now a way of life that is addictive, in a good way of course.

Today I am able to finish most workouts, reach new PRs, and I’m very blessed to have a group of friends to workout with no matter our age difference.