Misty Fierro

Is this an accident? Did I receive this email by accident surely they did not mean to send it to me……… Those were my initial thoughts upon receiving the email from CFRR asking if I would be part of the Reborn Athlete Success Stories.  I was in shock and in tears at the thought that I might influence anyone in an ‘Athletic’ way. You see I have never ever been an athlete, I worked out in the Army because I had too, it was part of my job and it was a long time ago… 😊


I am pretty sure that I found Crossfit in the most untraditional way, through a beautiful blue-eyed boy named Bruno. I work with dog rescue and was working at an event with one of the dogs I had been fostering- Bruno, a stunning Catahoula mix. He was not interested in anyone that day except for a very fit young woman who was walking into Tomlinson’s- he practically pulled me to get to her. It was love at first sight and Anna decided to adopt Bruno! This is when Crossfit entered my life! I started Crossfit in April 2016, at 42 weighing close to 227lbs – with no real fitness goals in my life and zero confidence in accomplishing any.

Although I was fit while in the Army, I lost all motivation once I got out and got a job. This led to me gaining weight and quickly ballooning from 165 to 227lbs over a span of about 12 years. I had become comfortable with going to the gym with my husband (who absolutely loves lifting weights), and just doing cardio or Zumba- and never EVER touching a barbell.  I felt like the hour we spent there was torturous and such a waste of time, I would even be upset if he wanted to work out longer than an hour!!! I am so ashamed now.

Fast forward to today!! I love my Crossfit family, these are some of the best people I have ever encountered, and I love being around them all! I know for absolute certainty that they have got my back! I know that I can count on them to help me stay accountable- push myself even when I am scared. When I first started this journey, I was unable to finish a WOD, lift anything heavier than 35lbs, and did not have the mentality that I ever would. Now!!! I have a competitive drive, strive to complete all the WOD’s, and absolutely LOVE lifting!!

For the first couple of years, I would attend classes without really dialing in my food- this has always been my biggest issue! I would hit the classes, go as hard as I could, and still wouldn’t see any results. Adrien reached out to me to ask me to do a 42-day Cleanse, so I did! As a result, I was able to create healthier eating habits and lose 25lbs! By following these eating habits and doing the cleanse one more time (which wasn’t hard- I was used to the food 😊) I was able to drop an additional 10lbs!! I am floored by how well it worked!  I learned a very important lesson- trust the process!!!

 I cannot take credit for accomplishing this on my own, it has taken the motivation of my swole-mates and coaches! Jennifer Randle has been very instrumental in my success; she and I keep each other accountable daily, having someone to push you is vital! We push each other, help each other get better, and always take the time to add our weights properly…..hehehe. The coaches at CFRR also take a personal interest in my success and always take the time to break things down- I am a HORRIBLE student so I give them so much credit!! It is not uncommon to receive a text from Landon, Adrien, or Sam to let me know I did a great job on the WOD, ask why I didn’t make it to class, or even just to tell me that they are proud of how hard I have been working.

I have never been an athlete- EVER, and now I am honored to be considered an athlete. I have competed in the Crossfit Open four times, competed with a team at the Garage Gym Throwdown three times, and am now enrolled into an amazing gymnastics class at the box! Above all, the person who has been so essential to my journey is my sweet, amazing husband – Jose! He has been so supportive with my ups and downs, and in the process has followed all my eating plans- even lost 20lbs himself! I have learned to have faith in the abilities of my body, be confident in myself, and above all embrace change!

Just a few quick stats to show you how far I have come, not to brag- just to show that trusting the process will work!

Push Press55lbs120lbs
Power Clean45lbs125lbs
2K Row14:028:48

Now I love the barbell! I cannot get enough and have a home garage gym!! So many thanks to the Crossfit Round Rock Team for guiding me in this process, standing by my side to motivate me, and embracing me like family!