Reborn Success Story – Amy Gearhart

I attended my first CF workout in 2014, and immediately fell in LOVE! There is just something about staring down a 24” wooden box, or a barbell loaded with plates, with your heart pounding in your chest, and taking that jump or making that lift that does wonders for your body and mind. I have done CF workouts in some form for the eight years since. 

So, when I walked through the doors of CFRR in the summer of 2020, I knew exactly what I would find…or atleast, I thought I did. I knew the workouts would challenge me, and they definitely did. I knew the community would be friendly and supportive, and they were.

But what I didn’t expect was how completely my life would be transformed by these people and this place.

With CFRR’s help, I have become an example for my daughters and granddaughter of what loving and taking care of yourself looks like. This has inspired them to be comfortable enough to attend classes themselves. 

As far as my nutrition, goodbye gluten and dairy, & HELLLOOOOOO 2,400 calories!!!! I’m down 75lbs & increased my muscle mass to 72%. Every single area of my life has changed since coming to CFRR. I am grateful to the coaches and athletes who have accepted me as the awkward, introvert that I am, and helped me achieve things I never thought I would do.