May 22

Sheldon’s Corner: 7 Great Benefits of Cucumber Water

Water can get pretty boring after awhile. But when you’re thirsty there is nothing better to quench your thirst or fuel your body quite like water. A healthy and unique alternative to plain water is adding some cucumber. This beverage not only hydrates your body but also has tons of great health benefits from cucumbers. Here are just a few reasons to start drinking cucumber water.

1. It keeps your muscles healthy

The silica in cucumbers helps keep your connective tissues healthy, especially when they are consumed regularly. Getting more cucumber into your diet is as easy as adding it to your water. Just a few slices in your water bottle can provide the trace elements you need.

2. Cucumber water is good for your skin

Not only do cucumbers have silica, they also contain tons of antioxidants. These antioxidants help keep your skin clear and supple. If you suffer from acne, you can even use cucumbers to relieve redness and soreness from painful acne bumps.

3. A low-calorie beverage

Water has zero calories, making it a guilt-free beverage. Don’t worry about adding some cucumber because they only contain 45 calories per serving.

4. It cleanses the body

Cucumber is best known for its ability to detoxify the body. It is an integral part of cleansing, especially in juices that assist in removing toxins from our body.

5. It’s hydrating

It’s important to stay hydrated. Not only for weight loss purposes, but also for health purposes. Staying hydrated also helps you maintain the right temperature for your body. Proper hydration can even assist in your cardiovascular system functioning properly.

6. It provides more energy

Sugary energy drinks only prove to provide you with a burst of energy right before a heavy sugar crash. Even caffeine can cause adverse effects on your energy levels. Since cucumber water is effective in ridding the body of toxins, it can help prevent fatigue and promote focus.

7. This drink has vitamins and minerals

We all need vitamins and minerals every day. Some of us take supplements, but most of our vitamins and minerals come from our food. Something as simple as adding cucumbers to your water can help provide a boost in intake of your daily vitamins and minerals. You can even add berries to boost the antioxidant levels in the water.

Fortunately, cucumber water is super easy to make. Simply add a few slices of cucumber to your water. Spice things up by adding lemon, lime, or mint leaves. Enjoy!

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